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germinating seed

can be likened to homeopathy's equivalent of stem cell work -
in this case, plant stem cells which facilitate locating and healing 
deeply seated emotional issues --

Developed by Dr. Gary Lasneski, D.C.,M.S. these remedies are made 
from flower seeds at the germination stage.

"Dr. Gary Lasneski, D.C.,M.S. formulated this line of products, which are available exclusively through Professional Formulas. The Genesis Essence remedies are made from flower seeds 
at the germination stage. These remedies are designed to assist in simultaneously re-patterning the emotional, genetic, and spiritual aspects of a patient in order to bring about the expression
of true self.
Unlike flower essences, these remedies are more like standard homeopathics
in that the greater the dilution, the stronger the effect. Genesis seed remedies are available in potencies of both 4X and 12X.

While flower medicine (of Dr. Bach et al.) is neither created nor administered homeopathically,
Genesis Seed Therapy is homeopathy crafted from seeds of the Green Kingdom - 

additionally administration is homeopathic  ...

Dosage Recommendations
Week One: administer 10 drops once daily
Week Two: administer 10 drops twice daily
For the following 2-3 months: increase to 20-30 drops twice daily
children: one half adult dose or as directed by health care practitioner
Use according to the following protocol or as directed by a health care practitioner.
Sensitive patients may require a reduced initial dose.

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