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Patriotism of the Heart - 
a simple, apolitical take on American politics
that looks at voting outside parties… esp helpful for undecideds

when one is lost, it is useful to retrace one’s foot steps –
it’s helpful as well when a nation has lost its way …

the traditional grade school Mayflower story, for all its faults,
nevertheless  holds a kernel of significant historic fact:
that two groups of immigrants  
(the Strangers not withstanding)  emerged from that English sailing ship to step foot on indigenous soil --
one group was the Pilgrims looking for freedom, as they saw fit,
to worship the God-context1
their hurdle was not yet realizing that the God-context is everywhere.
1 God-context is used as a generic form of Supreme Being -
to disconnect the concept from denomination or dogma
so that it might be understood truly universally.

and the other group was businessmen who,
as a product of their own time, ascribed to morals
generally informed by some version of the God-context.
They brought with them a passionate vision for making money,
so necessary an evil to keep the wheels of life turning for all –
their hurdle: that money itself is the bankers’ kryptonite
against which unwavering morality is the only shield.

simplistically speaking, over time these two main groups.
the pilgrims and the businessmen, morphed into America’s 2-party system, thusly:
the pilgrims became the democrats, and the businessmen became the republicans, 
and for more than a couple centuries these two fundamentally opposing groups
worked remarkably well together so that the country prospered  
and became a world beacon of the American sense of humanity over self.
the two parties worked together: they didn’t fight each other.

So what happened?
America missed the utmost important lesson of its melting pot history, that the great American experiment isn’t just about democracy – that ultimately it is an exercise in creating a compassionate humanity, and in learning the ability to recognize the valid God-context in every religion -
confusion exists because the God-context  is generally expressed by
each culture
through traditional personalization, symbolism, ritualization to honour and worship whomever/whatever is deemed to be running their whole relative show known as reality ...
it's a simple concept to get, the idea of a supreme beingthe illusion of its difficulty manifested at Babel – once language differed culturally, language itself impeded heartfelt comprehension of this single most and all-encompassing ultimate truth, that God is Allah is Brahman is Grandfather, or however many other names humankind has created to complicate the solitary concept of supreme being – indeed, history shows that wars are fought over the name for supreme being
(it also shows the only other reason for war is money (land)
i ascribe to an ancient Sufi
dhikrLa illaha il'allah, (there is no God, but God)   
because it is not dogma; it is logic

because human development has exceeded its youth,
to weather this storm, America must move beyond denominational limitations -
social developments decree, as children of the Supreme Being,
that NOW is the time to reach out to each other in universal brotherhood

to unleash the power available in supreme consciousness –

so how exactly does the God-context fit into America’s present woes?
over half a century ago American spirituality began eroding;
that’s when the God-context first came under attack
as being ‘politically incorrect’
(a Marxist-Lenin term, btw).
before then, the God-concept operated freely in commonplaces which,
many believed, fostered the nation’s  respectful sense of Spirit-driven brotherhood - today the God-concept has been relegated to America’s shadows and blasphemed – for ‘political correctness’ American society has lost its unifying communal brotherhood to denominational segregation and disjointed disconnection –
this loss in turn has led to America’s present spiritual void
which is birthing a new American society
that is driven by a fractured, hateful, binary mindset of us vs. them -
curiously, this mindset serves not the common man, only the money makers
but most alarming of all, in the 5 decades of spiritual erosion
money’s kryptonite has poisoned banker morality --
that’s why, today’s political chaos … everything is connected

but all votes really do matter, and there’s one more thing to consider,
especially for voters trying to choose between the lesser of two evils -
political science studies demonstrate
that seeking truth in political voting choices is a myth- 

that the process of choosing/voting is driven by emotions
which often and entirely altogether disregard intellectual input.
Wait, what? … yep, it’s true.
first, regardless of politics or propaganda,
what a person will believe blindly is what he/she chooses to blindly believe -
one cannot fool oneself -
as the Navajo say, “you cannot wake a person who pretends to be sleeping.”
this is cult mentality, the MAGA group, the kool-aid drinkers -

but second, and this is the kicker, psychology demonstrates that
a person's political viewpoints are typically and heavily influenced, 
neither by education nor by political savvy, but rather by
subconscious exposure to parental political opinion, input, emotional manipulation,
either for/against a particular view -
in other words, because the illusion of choice in political voting (including opting out)
is seeded in early childhood, the psychology of parent/child dynamics
has a lot more to do with voting than do intellect, reasoning, and/or social consciousness –

i understand how people’s lives are steeped these days in political helplessness and feelings of inconsequence intense enough to validate disengagement-
after all, that’s what they say to do with toxic people, right? why not disengage from toxic situations as well?

a fair question … but sadly a very dangerous one for these times because
this American election is a (final?) test of the Great American Experiment.
to disengage from voting is to empower tyranny.

thankfully, even when neither candidate is particularly inspiring,
 there IS a way to vote in support of the Great American Experiment -
it’s a national life preserver independent of politics and parties,
 a supplication to the nation’s european ancestors -
it’s apolitical voting

here’s how to do that:
Go back to the very beginning of this nation’s first European contact,
to a much simpler time of dreams and revolutions,
before pilgrims became democrats and businessmen became republicans,
long before the Capital was ever stormed or Watergate breached,
even before the Constitution itself was even written -
and ask yourself this:

If, in 1620 you had boarded the Mayflower
alongside pilgrims and businessmen, 
and you were then of the same social status
as you are today,
with whom would you be sitting? 

and boom! there it is, how any of us should vote in any election  …
apolitical voting unequivocally and consistently bypasses politics and parties
and  provides the People with the most direct way
to serve, to save, and to protect the soul of the nation, in spite of politics --
it really is up to us – and right now it’s all hands on deck

finally, a footnote for the skywatchers  - 
the country’s natal chart dated 4 july 1776 shows that these days the nation is experiencing its first pluto return, an event that happens only once every 240 years, so it’s a big deal to both astronomers and astrologers alike – the latter interpret this event simply: pluto rules intense transformation and brings with it either rebirth or death – given that this return is taking place in the nation’s second house of possessions and resources (that’s money, folks),
even astrology seems to be underscoring the significance of the upcoming election …
will American democracy be reborn? or will it die

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