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Patriotism of the Heart

4 july 2022 - thoughts on this 4th of July

Recently i came across the image below; it was Crow who got my attention … but when i read the sentiment i realized Crow was wearing his trickster mask because in truth the belief that not caring is justifiable, or even healthy, actually drives today’s headlines …

yes, you have the right to be happy, healthy, and authentic BUT not if accomplishing these things comes at a cost to society as a whole… some folks today have chosen to ignore this part of democracy’s equation that seeks to balance society's needs against individual needs ...

the lure to justify not caring comes from psychology’s misinterpretation of old eastern religions’ teachings 

about the discipline of detachment – practiced correctly detachment leads to strengthening, not severing, interpersonal relationships.

This is because the medicine of detachment lies with the ability to 'let it go' without

 malice, and with neutral peace in one’s heart … 
The message's words of not caring are rife with hurt and anger which, most importantly, are both left unresolved.  Sadly while it may seem healthy, the declaration of not caring offers no room for healing to either side - worse, unresolved negative energies create toxins within the body that lead to disease and death -

Detachment then, as spoken of by the old ones, only heals when attachment to the concern is neutralized, which often brings an ‘a-ha!’ moment of understanding that, in the sea of things, one’s present concern doesn’t matter - it's then you realize you've shifted from participant to observer who can more easily detach effectively.

The danger in misunderstanding healthy detachment comes when we stop caring how individual behaviour impacts the organism known as ‘society’  -
This not caring is doomed to trigger irreversible social self-destruction…
certainly social self-destruction has become the hallmark of today’s headlines…

Have we already passed the point of no return?
What is disconcerting is that the majority of today’s political generation in DC are children raised during the ‘80’s – meaning, the ‘me’ generation is in the driver’s seat.
Remember them? the ones raised not to care if it doesn't serve their needs, and taught to believe that only their concerns mattered, this generation learned to discount the authenticity of their fellow countrymen’s needs.
The generation for whom generous award-giving and evening out of the playing fields duly cemented mediocrity and narcissism into one neatly rolled package­ careening down the path of self-destruction and taking the country along for the ride. 
Further, and more ironically, this cheating, stealing, lying generation isn’t to be blamed for believing that the universe revolves around them because THAT’S WHAT THEY WERE TOLD – as children they were programmed to become exactly what today’s headlines show: children who never became adults are now the ruling generation … 
scary – cue: A Clockwork Orange

Is it already too late for the Great American Dream?

Ever the optimist (idealist?), i say, maybe not – American patriotism comes from a root source that runs through and energizes the unity comprising We the People.  It is this root energy which bound the founders’ together in the first place to do what they did.
So is it too late for us? Have we squandered what our ancestors left us?
Depends if this root energy, this primal need of human nature to be free, can be wakened enough and in time enough.
For what it's worth, in this Bostonian’s mind,  Paul Revere lamp in hand rides on a galloping horse, only today he’s shouting, “The time is HERE, the time is NOW!”

Historically, America has found itself at the edge of this precipice a number of times,
and so far, that root energy has always rallied when it counted …
some believe it happens by the grace which drives the Great American Experiment  -

i shudder to think what would happen if grace were ever to run out 


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