Nay_ho_tze Medicine Musings

aiokpanchi (choctaw)                wóshdę́ę́' (navajo)


I am Nay_ho_tze,
writer, designer, and intuitive healer,
American Indian1  ...
i am in the
of all People.

...feel free to explore my website
where memories of antiquity 

and images from the Hubble come together, 
where both the mundane and the unbelievable reside, 
 and where unusual insights freshen up tired ideas.
These are my experiences, thoughts, elder view.

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1 American Indian vs Native American – there is a difference: Indians typically refer to themselves as American Indians for two reasons: Native American is a term created by the US government  for monetary purposes and American Indian refers to natives in both north and south America – because i do not know which side of the Rio Grande my mother’s family comes from,  i have never referred to myself as Native American …