Nay_ho_tze Medicine Musings

"a simple take on american politics"
from an apolitical perspective

because when you are lost 
(wanting to vote, not knowing for whom),
it helps to go back to the start

Today's Sky... 
an astrological 'weather report' for the week ahead
(NHT-style: quick, easy, concise)

This service is offered in memoriam for a teacher - Darrell Martinie, Boston's Cosmic Muffin -
not to subjugate his brilliance 
but rather to share the assistance 
and further the understanding which his wisdom yet continues to provide - 

personification of astrology - cuercine
Guercino - "Personification of Astrology" - circa 1650-1655
                                          disclaimer: i am not an astrologer  - 
                                                                 click here for backstory

NOTES:  only majour planetary aspects are included  -

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off-site --   click here  if you're asking what the heck a 'moon void of course (VOC)' is ...
                                             (tip: bad time to shop/spend money, good time to start a diet...) 

aiokpanchi (choctaw)                wóshdę́ę́' (navajo)


I am Nay_ho_tze, a half-breed American Indian elder 
of the Turtle Clan - 
we are the healers and the prophets.  
A writer, designer, and intuitive healer,
i am in the service of all People.

...feel free to explore my website
where you will find memories of antiquity 

and images from the Hubble come together, 
where both the mundane and the unbelievable reside, 
 and where unusual insights freshen up tired ideas.
These are my experiences, thoughts, and elder view.

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yá'át'ééh (navajo)
halito (choctaw)

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