Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

wóshdę́ę́' (navajo)


I am Nay_ho_tze,
writerdesigner, and intuitive healer,
half-breed, septuagenarian and, rumour has it,
American Indian1

in the service of all People.

...feel free to explore my website
where memories of antiquity 
and images of outer space come together, 
where both the mundane and the unbelievable reside, 
 and where unusual insights freshen up tired ideas.
These are my experiences, my thoughts, my elder view.



1 American Indian vs Native American * do you know the difference? Few do. As i was taught, Indians typically refer to themselves as American Indian - this is because the term Native American is a moniker created by the US government for monetary purposes ...  further, and more importantly, the term American Indian does not recognize separation but instead acknowledges the indigenous on both sides of the Rio Grande - this is important to me because 
the referred to 'rumour' references the only thing that this abandoned infant was told about her mother,  
and there's a very good chance that her bloodline originates south of the Rio Grande.