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The Moon, ruler of emotions
phases of the moon through the month

As the sun passes through each zodiac sign once a year, the moon travels through each sign once a month … considering emotions run day to day living, and that they are ruled by the moon, in my own quest to learn, i was curious about what that meant and decided to record record my moods using the same catch phrase per emotion (happy, sad, depressed, etc.) – 
i was looking for a viable connection between emotions and the moon.  After a few months recording, i scrutinized my hen-scratched notes together with what sign the moon was in at the time held and discovered profound and real self-disclosure … 

The patterns of how my emotional responses engaged with lunar activity revealed that lunar mindfulness gives sway over emotionally-charged issues, that knowing the moon's sign allowed an emotional anticipation (and mitigation when necessary) which afforded a sense of control …

To give an example:  it’s likely that the moon passing through fire signs can precipitate more temper flare-ups … but if we know the moon is in a fire sign, this knowledge allows us to make a more informed choice before unleashing all hell over some proverbial spilt milk ,,,  

That said, the following is verbatim from an unknown edition of a Llewellyn moon sign book,
pages pictured below ...

The Influence of the Moon

The Moon in the Signs
Wherever the Moon goes in its travel through the zodiac it will assume the characteristics of the sign it is in.  Thus the rhythm established by the Moon will be:

Aries – quick, impulsive and touched with the joy of life – possibly irritating
Taurus – dependable, steady, supportive of form and solid growth – storage and practicality dominate
Gemini- changeable, sensitive to stimulation and possibly nervous.  Communication and interface are heightened.
Cancer:  this is the moon’s home-sign, so the lunar attributes of nature now flourish.  Everything is full of life and feeling.  intimate bonds are formed.
Leo – the moon radiates the light of confidence in the innate value of every creature.  self-expression is supported.
Virgo – brisk, concise, and categorical
Libra -  refined, calm and peaceable.  Friendship, art and love are the order of the day
Scorpio – emotionally fixed and impelling. that which is desired is paramount.
Sagittarius – expansive and enthusiastic.  everything fits into place
Capricorn – based on the unnatural rhythm of personality, unsponstaneous and sometimes contrived
Aquarius – sudden, unexpected.  the new appears
Pisces – vague and nebulous. where did the rhythm go?

…and from the same unknown Llewellyn publication …

The Moon Phases

First Quarter (new moon) - emergence from the germinal state – all life expands and reaches outward, although a sense of direction is lacking.  
keyword: gemination

Second Quarter -  Growth and development now begin to assume a form.  The basic drives are articulated and brought to the surface.  
Keyword: growth

Third Quarter (full moon) – Now all growing things assume the final form which was laten within them.  It is a time of fulfillment and achievement, but if any structure has been repressed in the process of growth earlier in the cycle, there is a haunting sense of inadequacy.  
Keywork: maturity

Fourth Quarter – Now all things find their true resting place.  That which has been built must stand on its own merit, the force behind it fades away.  This is a time of reflection and drawing within.  
Keyword: disintegration

How to use this information?

Aside from gardening and farming times (see: Farmer’s Almanac),
this information can be applied in personal activities …
for example, while finishing a project would likely encounter obstacles during an aries new moon, it would be equally unwise to start a new project when a pisces moon is in the 3rd or 4th quarter …

pages from NHTs astrological 'cheat sheets'

below, NHT's moon bible without edition documentation ...  
copied from those pages to this page just for you -