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Biorhythms - ??

yes, biorhythms – 
'new age hocus pocus? Or scientifically-based? 
Well, the latter actually more than the former … 
biorhythms are regularly timed biological cycles of the body -
these rhythms can be measured and charted - 
when charting biorhythms,
above the median line: life is good and energy is easy to access … 
below the median: life is challenging and energy needs to be replenished … 

Science categorizes these rhythms into three cycles: physical, emotional and intellectual -
the physical cycle is 23 days long and affects things like coordination, strength, well-being …
the emotional cycle is 28 days and involves creativity, sensitivity, mood, and awareness
while the intellectual cycle lasts 33 days and influences alertness, analytical functioning,
logical analysis, memory or recall, and communication …

the ‘bad rap’ shadow of biorhythms appeared when metaphysics suggested that what happens
in the body potentially affects the perception of the spirit, or personality, inhabiting that body …
‘as above, so below’ applied in reverse, as it were -
metaphysics say, what happens bodily influences the personality …

put another way: when the body has a cold,
it’s likely the mind will be impaired/distracted …
that's basically what metaphysics is saying about biorhythms,
while science is saying the two are not related ...

it has been my experience over the years however 
that knowledge of one’s predictable biorhythms is another key to self-understanding,
much like how watching the planets offers insight to astrologers and astrologer-wannabes…
but unlike astrology which requires a great deal of study and focus,
the beauty of biorhythm information is that it is entirely predictable, 
based solely on your birthdate because your first breath marked day 1 of each biorhythm -
this predictability makes biorhythms easily worked with once recognized …

I’ll share something that is just now happening to me as an example
of how knowing one’s biorhythms can empower -
for a couple days now, the shaman-me has been feeling off-kilter,
struggling to discern the origin of input 
which makes it difficult to know where I end and the rest of the world picks up -
discernment is key to survival on a shaman's path,
so it’s a very uncomfortable place for those of my ilk to be …
this morning seemed more so than ever -
so i pored through my usual sources looking for possible outside influences -
first the planets – nothing really rang a bell or totally described what I was dealing with …
in fact, most were saying what i already knew ...
next, on to sabian astrology for the day's BCA (best course of action) reading  – 
again nothing made sense …
then over to numerology which gave the team cheer, 
but did not speak directly to what I was feeling either …
lastly (don't ask me why), I finally thought to check my biorhythms.
when i plugged in my stats, 
voilà! i found relief in the answer:
all three of my biorhythms are bottoming out over the next few days -
it started yesterday …
no wonder I can’t tell fact from fiction right now …
it’s like I’m underwater, eyes opened to a blurry view, trying to move around …

I felt compelled to share because once you know about biorhythms,
you can cut yourself some slack and maybe even focus on recharging,
rather than demanding to be on ‘full steam ahead’ when you're bottoming out ... 
may knowing this at the right time give you permission 
to stop and love yourself for a minute or two

below is a screenshot of my biorhythms -
the arrow is on today:

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for more information on interpretting biorhythms, this is a good site

To calculate biorhythms, I like the way this site graphs it out
(the above site uses bar graphs)

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