NHT's Writing Desk

  all the heroes are broken 
dedicated to my sister, nightwitch

there is none to receive the message ...

no-one hears

or wants to hear

heroes have incarnated many times,

repeatedly quick through myriad earth walks,

each existence continuing the consistent, 

torturous broken heartedness

(flesh is a harsh taskmaster, especially for heroes)

the time seen as coming is here – 

when mere arrival into flesh 

triggers aeons of emotional paradoxes 

which now manifest as mental illnesses

it’s a sign of the times

cracked cement
cracked cement


pray tell, what’s that you say?

you see no heroes?

look to asperger’s and narcissism and bi-polar –

look to OCD, autism , ADHD

these are the broken heroes, incarnating

with no thought to their own suffering

(for suffering even is tallied against ignorance) -

these, the broken heroes,

are driven by the prime directive ‘to assist,’

and selflessly return to flesh again and again -

today only a single vestige of their power, 


remains and alights their eyes, which,

despite transmutation’s inherent affliction, 

betrays the heroes paralyzed inside ...

i tell you,

all the heroes are broken –
it's up to us now

©2013, 2019
all rights reserved