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Cards for Charity
supporting America's unjustly imprisoned

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All proceeds go directly to the unjustly imprisoned who live on american soil in deplorable prison conditions which include nutritional requirements not meeting farm animal standards, water with 
dangerous arsenic and lead content - and a diet of diabetes-causing carbs and soup kitchen rejects ...  

                                            Eagle, 2 styles   
                                    Mourning Dove, 2 styles  

a note to anyone ruffled by 'religious' overtones: abandoned in early infancy to the landlady,
i was rescued by the Sisters of St. Joseph, which is why Mary is the only mother i have ever known -
it is she whom i honour, not any formal dogma - my dogma is between me and my Creator NHT                                       

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 … in the prison with which i am associated, families who are able to must buy clean water for their loved one because, according to the town reports, this prison’s water levels of arsenic (.5 mg/L) well exceeds  the government’s recommendation (.010 mg/L) for safe drinking water…
the lead content is shockingly dangerous 
 (this particular prison is on a campus of buildings well over a century old
when lead was king in the plumbing world) -- 

further, according to watchdog assessments, the only access inmates have to water
is by way of just “
3 bathroom sinks for 40 people, who wash their faces, hands, brush their teeth, spit in, and—often—blow their noses. These are [their]sources of DRINKING WATER! 
In addition, there are only 4 toilets for 40 people.”
read more of this quote at  

obviously unemployed, prisoners are responsible for their own basic needs starting with food - yes, they're fed, but frankly with less nutritional attention to their human needs
than would meet FDA requirements for farm animals 

Breakfast is a cup of hardened sugar cereal - lunch a PB&J sandwich - dinner might be some macaroni and gravy with rice (that carbo-combo is served often),
 or a hot dog with a bag of potato chips (can you say, 'salty'?)
maybe a cup of soup and grilled cheese sandwich (white bread, processed cheese) 
and a stale cookie if they’re lucky  – 
prisoners see little to no fresh vegetables and even less fruit
because to a small group of inmates, these foods might be moonshine fodder,
so everyone suffers  … 
these are conditions in a minimum to medium security facility - 
imagine conditions in a maximum security prison ...  

         Our Lady of Fatima              Our Lady of Grace             Our Lady of America          Our Lady of Lourdes          Our Lady of Guadalupe 

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And sadly, deplorable prisoner conditions is not even the worst of it:
America's Industrial Prison makes a killing off struggling American families,
allowing America's richest to feed off America's poorest - 
rich names like Bush and Reagan
the latter deregulating everything including prisons which then became "privatized"
which, clearly speaking, means 'made for profit' ...
enter: greed, and here we are ... 
what easier money making target than prisons? 'like shooting fish in a barrel

A scorchingly inhumane situation, 
the prison system is a screaming reflection of what our beloved America is evolving into - 
and prison families, most of whom are already just scraping by, have long been faced 
with additional financial burdens of paying the prison $500-$600/mo upwards
to provide their incarcerated loved one's barest necessities: 
a week's supply of clean water, some jerky for protein, 
pathetically meager vitamins and OTC's,
not to mention questionably warm clothing, 
and toiletries like toothpaste, soap, laundry supplies, etc. …
and where is the inmate PX?  
at the prisons digital 'canteen' meaning the prison
sets mercilessly highest prices for lowest quality items -
a thin pair of socks can cost upwards of $10
while last year's top brand shoes will be price gouged at $20 or more than today's price -
i know, i've checked -   

oh, did i mention phone calls? 
 in this wrongful and unjust nightmare visited upon my family, phone means lifeline,
which is a luxury for most because this 'privilege' adds another $300-$400/mo,
also paid directly to the prison phone business -

make no mistake: not all who are imprisoned are guilty
and more innocent are jailed than most Americans want to believe  -
headlines only focus on cases with longer sentences,
but any bit of a person's life lost to a miscalculation of justice is way too long ...
so how is this all happening?
the truth is stark: in a privatized prison system,
the more prisoners incarcerated, the higher the prison owners' profit ...

all prison families, not just the incarcerated, 
are being victimized by America's industrial prison complex,
and those prisoners who come from the poorest families suffer the most -
it is an abomination! 

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