Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

designer handcrafted 3D
Cards for Charity
providing clean water and food 
for Americans 
Unjustly Imprisoned

Why these particular designs?  

Any child in trouble will seek out its mother; my family is in trouble and, as a cradle Catholic abandoned in infancy and raised/educated by nuns, the only mother i have ever known is Mary, the mother of Jesus - and these cards of her apparitions were designed and created by me as an offering to petition Mary's help for my family ... 



Designer handcrafted note card art displays 
all proceeds directly support the unjustly imprisoned

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         Our Lady of Fatima              Our Lady of Grace             Our Lady of America          Our Lady of Lourdes          Our Lady of Guadalupe 

The aviary designs and medicine wheel (below) came about thusly: when i'd get blocked working on the BVM designs, Eagle and Mourning Dove came to me and those cards were born thereof; hence, their cards are also offered - American Indians know Eagle to be a 'messenger of God' - Eagle has come before to help Nine Eagles and me - and to many people Mourning Dove's sorrowful song holds a message of life, hope, renewal and peace -- 
finally the medicine wheel offering speaks for itself; 
this off-site resource provides information about working with a medicine wheel ...   

All proceeds go directly to help the unjustly imprisoned in deplorable prison conditions which include dangerous arsenic levels in the  water - and a constant diet of carbs and soup kitchen rejects  

 … in the prison with which i am personally involved, families who are able to must buy clean water for their loved one because this prison’s water levels of arsenic (.5 mg/L) well exceeds  the government’s recommendation (.010 mg/L) for safe drinking water … we won’t discuss the prison water lead content (this particular prison is on a campus of buildings that are well over a century old when lead was king in the plumbing world) -- 

further, the only access inmates of this prison have to water is by way of only “3 bathroom sinks for 40 people, who wash their faces, hands, brush their teeth, spit in, and—often—blow their noses. These are [their]sources of DRINKING WATER! In addition, there are only 4 toilets for 40 people.”
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In addition, although obviously unemployed, prisoners must take care of their own basic needs starting with food - yes, they're being fed, but more nutritional attention is given to the needs of domestic animals by farmers than a prison kitchen provides to the human beings in the American prison system. 

Breakfast might be ‘a pancake’ or box of sugary cereal contaminated with bugs - lunch/dinner (there is no distinction) might be some macaroni and gravy with rice (yes, you read that correctly), or a hot dog with a bag of potato chips (can you say, 'salty'?), maybe a cup of soup and grilled cheese sandwich (white bread, processed cheese) with maybe a cookie if they’re lucky  – prisoners see little to no fresh vegetables and even less fruit … these conditions are in a minimum to medium security facility - imagine what necessities maximum security overlooks ...  

America's Industrial Prison is making a killing off struggling American families

An utterly appalling situation, the prison system is just another sign of the times of what America has become - and prison families, most of whom are already just scraping by, are faced with the additional financial burden of $500-$600/mo upwards just to provide their incarcerated loved one with the barest necessities, such as a minimal supply of clean water to last a week (the prison limits how much a prisoner can spend each week), protein (in the form of dried meats with lots of preservatives), meager vitamins, warm clothes, toothpaste, soap, laundry supplies, etc. …

The caveat is that prisoners must purchase their necessities through the prisons 'canteen' 
which mercilessly price gouges with the highest prices for lowest quality items
(a pair of thin socks can cost $10) -

make no mistake: all prison families are victims of America's industrial prison complex,
and those prisoners who come from the poorest families really suffer



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                                           Eagle, 2 styles                                                                                  Mourning Dove, 2 styles
                          Lakota Medicine Wheel
                            can be personalized