Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

               His Holiness, the Dalai Lama 
            why is he so revered, and so feared?
  because he remembers his 13 previous incarnations 

A story is told of a four year old dalai lama running the palace halls, stopping suddenly at an antique cabinet to tell his teachers, 
my old teeth are kept in here ... 

most people have no idea what they are beholding  when they see his face being flashed around one more time by the media ...
sadly most who see his face significantly forget to remember,
or do not know at all,
that this man is who he is because he has clear memories
of his 13 previous lifetimes ...

think about that - and then read that sentence again ...
he remembers his past lives

this isn't just new age hearsay, or conjecture, or blind faith -
for centuries elabourate, sometimes secretive Tibetan rituals  
help the monks to locate the newborn dalai lama,
who himself proves his own identity once located,
by performing feats only he could know,
such as identifying his predecessors' belongings out of groups
of random items, and other demonstrations of such knowledge ..

A story is told of a four year old dalai lama running the palace halls, stopping suddenly at an antique cabinet to tell his teachers, my old teeth are kept in here ... 

that's what is meant by 'remembering a past life'

this stuff can't be faked, folks ...
past life workers call these moments the 'a-ha!' moment -
when truth outs forcing an unexpected shift in self-knowledge -
i have experienced untold moments of this type firsthand ...

his holiness the dalai lama as a baby
his holiness the dalai lama as a child with his family is for that reason that to me
what the Dalai Lama represents is eternity and our place in it.
His presence is a call to shift into unflinching self-knowledge.
He's not just some misplaced begging royalty media darling ...

Thirteen lifetimes ago this man, this soul, pledged to continue to incarnate until WE ALL remember who we are,
and even in his exile, more so now than ever i suppose, 
he continues to uphold his vow because he knows that,
in the whole dharmic scheme of things,
the exile plot of his holiness's present lifetime is necessary to globally spread his knowledge and light.


as a side note from this old American Indian, it is said that
if you were to run an arrow from Navajo land straight through the earth that it would exit somewhere in Tibet ... which led me to find this book about two cultures a world apart yet amazingly similar starting with their sacred use of sand ...  
Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom: The Circle of the Spirit makes this reincarnationist believe that even in his 'off-duty' lifetimes, his holiness shows up elsewhere to nurture and to teach 


dharma:  Hinduism & Buddhism
a. The principle or law that orders the universe.
b. Individual conduct in conformity with this principle.
as defined by the free dictionary