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first, here's what to expect with Flower Medicine:

it is normal for typical excitement greets the arrival of a flower or homeopathic remedy 
along with a solemn dedication to not miss a dose ... 
and likely you'll do really well for an unspecified amount of time, 
until at some point this interest abruptly fades, and you'll suddenly realize 
that you haven't taken the remedy in a day or two ...
this almost seamless "loss of interest" is the remedy's way of saying, its job is done -- 
if you are working with flower medicine, this may or may not indicate that you have finished altogether ... 
if you still feel emotional discomfort or unrest, probably some once-hidden issue has been revealed 
for which other flowers are now more suitable...

you see, our emotions are layered upon our core self  -
resolving one layer almost always reveals another 
until we work through all layers to liberate the core self -
at which point, a maintenance remedy may or may not reveal itself ...

there is no time frame for this process -
flower and homeopathic medicine are very individualized ...
i've seen a singular drop of a remedy do its work -
and i've known people to participate in treatment for months, even years ...

the following information is pertinent to working with both flowers and homeopathy

Before each use, rhythmically rap or firmly tap the bottom of the bottle against palm – 
succusion thusly energizes the potency in the essences which tend to settle

because certain remedies are easily antidoted, these guidelines are suggested
For 20 minutes before and after taking a remedy,  
 -- do not consume hot beverages, peppermint, or other strong consumables 
such as onions/garlic 
 -- do not use toothpaste or mouthwash  -- avoid strong perfumes.  

Do not store your remedy near pungent aromatics or excessive heat.
Keep remedies out of direct sunlight and away from fluorescent lighting.

Potency is not based on amount taken,
but rather on the frequency and times they are taken.  
The most effective times are at the thresholds of awakening and retiring 
when the boundaries between soul and body are shifting.

It is helpful to carry the bottle on your person
as this too imparts the essences’ affects upon the astral body -  
especially suitable if your body needs more than the 3 doses daily, 

as with any homeopathic remedy, there are no side effects 

to enhance the remedy's effects, take it mindfully -  
keep pictures nearby of the flowers or other components in your remedy.
  Vision is also a pathway to healing. 

Meditate daily upon accompanying affirmation cards, if any -
this assists balance between inner and outer, facilitating  the remedy's effects.  
Refuge from the day's trials can be had in any of your affirmations - 
Be aware in nature of your remedy's flowers and other components.  
To see one or more is a special blessing from Spirit.  
Gathering and gardening the flowers of a remedy are also beneficial.


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