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Did you know ...  ?
British pets enjoy easy and successful treatment
with flower essence therapy

 animals are naturally drawn to flower healing

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some common pet applications


Mimulus -- aggression due to fear 

Holly -- mean, jealous – angry growling, barking, hissing,  snappy or unprovoked attacks

Vine -- bossy, dominant; hate discipline

Star of Bethlehem -- aggressive due to past abuse

Chicory -- aggression due to over-possessiveness, jealous of any attention competition

Cherry Plum -- cannot control aggressive behaviour (biting, etc.), can be dangerous


Star of Bethlehem --heals trauma, emotional/physical, however long ago

Honeysuckle -- homesickness or over-attachment to past –  to recover from memories of the past – for ex., last puppy left

Emotional Emergency -- combination remedy helpful for any kind of stress or trauma (accidents, birthing, etc.), recovery after seizure – fear of loud  noises

white Lhasa Apso pup


Heather -- for attention due to loneliness

Chicory -- to become center of attention

Holly -- jealous, aggressive, mean – angry growling,barking, hissing, snappy or unprovoked attacks

Vine -- dominant animals who bully and hate discipline; to protect territory

Vervain -- yappy, high-strung, enthusiastic dogs;  calms hyperactivity and restlessness

Aspen -- barking for no apparent reason or at no-one


Walnut -- adjusting to new environment and during times of transitions 

Emotional Emergency  -- stress and anxiety when left alone

Mimulus -- .fear of being deserted

Larch -- increases confidence

Heather -- separation anxiety, often quite vocal, whining, and crying


Mimulus -- fear of familiar scents and territory

Chicory -- territorial

Walnut -- if it occurs during period of transition

Centaury -- overly submissive, may urinate when petted


Crab Apple -- obsessively desiring bodily cleanliness 

Cherry Plum  -- excess grooming to point of self-injury


Emotional Emergency -- to diffuse stressful situations

Vervain -- over-enthusiastic, high strung

Clematis -- uninterested in life, sleeps excessively, has trouble paying attention increases attention

Larch -- timid and shy – show animals who lack confidence to perform -- increases confidence

Gentian -- discouraged, gives up easily

Impatiens -- impatient, pulls on leash, fast moving, hyperactive, tends to be irritable and snappy

Chestnut Bud -- repeats unacceptable behaviours, does not learn from mistakes

Hornbeam -- seems lethargic but once engaged is fully present


Rock Rose -- panic for no apparent reason; high strung and nervous; can be rigid with fear

Aspen -- fear of the unknown, sensitive to apprehension and anxiety;  may tremble for no apparent reason

Mimulus --  shy with and fearful of known things (vet, thunder, etc.)


Elm -- cannot cope with temporary situations; for ex., gives up litter

Scleranthus -- any swinging behaviour – eats one day/refuses the next; sleeps a lot/can’t sleep

Wild Rose -- unenthusiastic, submissive, disinterested

Olive -- exhaustion and drained from a long strain such as illness or abuse … strengthening

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Water Violet -- aids unusually introverted and detached cats to become more friendly and engaged in their environment

Willow -- resentment or bitterness expressed by urinating everywhere – especially due to changes such as a new baby, pet, a move, etc.