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Glandular Therapy

Not only do whole glands possess the nutrients required to tonify our systems, but they also contain naturally occurring organ chemistries that can restore function and enhance endocrine pathways by replacing factors possibly missing or metabolically interrupted. 

But not all glandular formulas are equal. That is why Professional Formulas goes to great lengths to procure the finest raw materials available, such as pristine New Zealand and Argentinean glandulars from bovine sources naturally range-fed on pristine grasslands with no pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics, and no hormones for enhanced growth. 

Glandular Complexes

This series of products features targeted groups of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other natural factors blended synergistically in combination with pure, freeze-dried (lyophilized) New Zealand (except where noted) glandular concentrates. Glandular combinations are utilized when specific clinical goals necessitate the use of a tissue concentrate accompanied by select nutrients and other natural ingredients.

New Zealand Pure Glandulars

Professional Formulas offers pure New Zealand glandular tissue concentrates for the allergic or hypersensitive patient or for cases when a pure tissue is required. Each product contains only pure, lyophilized glands with no preservatives. Our pure glandular products come in pull-apart gelatin capsules for easy administration of the pure contents, if desired.

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