Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

homelessness in America
their invisibility is our national shame

homeless jesus statue
                                         'Ever hear of   "The Homeless Jesus?"  
                                                     It's this sculpture, above,

    and it's been causing quite a stir because it begs this very uncomfortable question:
if real living, homeless people are invisible to us, 
and clearly they are,
then why does this homeless statue upset so many of us?

the 'offensiveness' of this image is that it shouts a visual reminder 
that the talk is NOT walked ...
that hypocrisy is rampant in this beautiful land
from its native inhabitants by long ago Christian ancestors 

 for an NPR report on the ruckus this statue is causing click here

 'Think you would recognize a homeless family member?
the answer may surprise you...  
Watch an eye-opening experiment in conscience...