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How to vote from the heart - 
a simple, apolitical take on American politics
looks to the Mayflower for clues to a national reboot

Remember the grade school story they told us about the Mayflower?
despite the mythology that overtook its telling, 
historical records actually support that on board the Mayflower,
from this American Indian’s point of view at least,
were 2 groups of immigrants  --
pilgrims looking for a new way of life 
and businessmen looking for new way to make money

Although the process itself went through many metamorphoses,
these two groups can be seen as the seeds of what translated
into the 2 party system -
and it helps to simplify things this way:
the pilgrims became the democrats ...
and the businessmen became the GOP, the republicans

we speak of truth driving politics, but make no mistake:
truth today has been smeared beyond recognition 
by the media (both legit and ragsheet),
by the advent of technology, pathetic public education and,
 amidst all this chaos, blatant self-serving manipulations
by those seeking power at the cost of fellow Americans. 

 Actually, looking for truth in political choices is a myth - 
and here’s why:
 studies have shown that generally
a person's politics are most heavily influenced,
not by education or by political savvy, 
but by mere parental opinion -
read those last two words again -
parental opinion is what sets the stage for political choice
either for or against parental view,
depending on said parent/child relationship -

this means that the ultimate energy feeding the political machine 
is a fodder of choices based much more 
on the skewed interpretation of emotional bias
way less on political understanding and patriotic activism ...

so what is election-time usually all about?
what it's always about: the white elephant in the room,
and in one form or another,
man’s longtime ethical conundrum since time immemorial:
it’s about money,
or more accurately, the control thereof
only now, corruption chases the almighty dollar,
even at the cost of fellow human beings,
so that election time has urgently become
about preserving the democracy itself ...

Now, with all that in mind, go back to the beginning,
to simpler times of tall ships, dreams and revolutions,
and ask yourself this: 
in 1620 if you had boarded the Mayflower
alongside the pilgrims and the businessmen, 
given your present day circumstances,
with whom would you be sitting? 

and boom! there it is:
how you should vote in any election  …

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