Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

(be sure to catch the video at the end)

when i was younger, 
a friend gifted me the picture below -
she said, it made her think of me

                                                           indian maiden by frank robert harper (1876-1948)

indian maiden by frank robert harper (1876-1948)

after i was married 
 my husband brought me this yard sale find 
sometime in the 80's--
                                          he said, she looked like me.

                                                                        artist unknown
indian princess maiden blanket

years passed, i got much older.
when another friend from a whole new lifetime
sent me the following image with the note, 
"this makes me think of you" 
i could've been insulted as this image is used alot in fallen angel discussions ...
but i wasn't ...
it's a work by British artist Anne Sudworth who titled it simply "shadow"
black winged being
And while each image above touches me deeply, 
                                      below is how i might see myself...

chickasaw lighthouse police

 IMPRESSIONS are fluid... 
                              as profoundly demonstrated by this Dove ad-gone-viral,  below