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life in death... 

my godson’s father died recently, a man who lived off the land his entire life –
his legacy to mother earth populates acres upon acres of fruit trees …
he gardened as well, feeding his family from the land - 
he lived true to his Taurus sun, an earth sign - 
when he died in the northwest, 
here in new england the ground is frozen because temps are seasonally cold …
on the back porches are pots stored with bulbs to be revived come spring …
the day after the mid-February funeral in the Pacific Northwest, 
the bulbs here on my porch unbelievably showed awakening growth …
at first i thought my eyesight was fooling my brain whose logic was screaming 
that it’s been wa-ay too cold here for new growth!! 
but  alas this is what my phone camera caught!

Pedro's gift in death

 i sent this pic to my godson, 
texting that maybe his dad had stopped by new england?
to which my godson replied as excited as i was astonished … 
because look closely, 
3 out of the 4 pots have bulbs growing despite these freezing temps --
 pretty amazing to say the least ...

"With God all things are possible" (matt 19:26)

chukma shki

Pedro's hyacinths

two weeks later and still way too early for New England,
an exquisite fragrance filled the sunroom

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