Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings


paying attention:
not thinking about tomorrow or yesterday,
last night or last year:
not thinking about an hour from now 
when decisions about dinner  are made:
not even thinking about a second from now 
only about what you’re doing 
at this very moment,
and then be completely present to the moment 
so you are swept up into its flow …

this is from where life’s miracles are forged…
when you and your life are in sync …
play with mindfulness
throughout the day 
return thoughts to the moment –
when this becomes difficult
(and it will at times)
do it simple - take stock:
where am I?
what am I doing?
who’s here?
what do I smell, hear, feel?
(be mindful of your answers)
until you are grounded …

then stay there …
in the NOW.

bathe in each answer above 
to glorify Grandfather in this moment:
in the NOW
to plant thoughts  
about how you see the future unfold…

NOW is the birthplace of life’s miracles.
repent that you still do not know:
the kingdom of heaven is at hand

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water droplet on a leaf