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 Allersodes, Nosodes, and Sarcodes:
           homeopathic attenuations
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Allersodes are homeopathic attenuations of antigens, which are substances that in moderate or large doses cause the production of antibodies. Diluted homeopathic doses of these antigens are intended to dampen the body's hyper-responsiveness, thus desensitizing.  allersodes combine an array of common allergenic materials with Adrenal, Liver, ACTH, and Histamine to promote non-specific resistance to allergic stressors. 

are homeopathic attenuations of pathological organs, tissues or causative agents such as bacteria, fungi, ova, excretions or secretions, parasites, virus particles and/or yeast disease products. A nosode is similar to an allopathic vaccination, but without the thiomersal, aluminum hydroxide, MSG, gelatins, and other harmful ingredients found in immunizations. Nosodes have been used throughout homeopathy's history and are recognized in all homeopathic pharmacopoeias throughout the world. Nosodes may assist the body in recognizing a disease-causing entity and may stimulate a level of natural protection that aids in the elimination of pathogens and/or the susceptibility toward symptoms. 

 provides an array of potentized New Zealand glandulars, phytotherapeutics, classical remedies and other attenuated agents relevant to the systemic or tissue disturbance addressed by the product. Sarcodes are stimulatory and restorative; they assist in the rebuilding function of organ cells, [and to]  help balance under- and over-stimulated glands.
                                             -- source: Professional Complimentary Health Formulas