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Reincarnation:  elephant in the west room -
a light in the east
part 1 of 3

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done
and there is no new thing under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Raised Irish cradle Catholic, i was steeped deeply in the faith's mystic esotericism -
i understand Christianity on levels most people don't even approach ...
i am also a reincarnationist,* but not because i ‘believe in’ reincarnation,
because reincarnation isn't a belief any more than is the passage of the sun -
it just is ...
so too for someone who experiences past life memories –
reincarnation just is -

Notice i said ‘experiences’ not ‘remembers’ – the distinction is profound

As opposed to a ‘past life reading’ for which a 3rd party is required,
a past life memory (PLM) involves direct, hands-on participation …
if there is no visceral reaction, no ‘a-ha! moment, then it’s likely not a valid PLM …
it's that simple

And that’s what naysayers don’t understand
(and why reincarnation is part of secret society secret teachings) --
that reincarnation validates itself to those 'with an ear to hear' (Mk 4:9)
by way of very personal ‘ah-ha!’ moments,
which is the nectar of every past life worker seeking to remember -
that involuntary ‘a-ha!’ moment wherein something unmistakable and deep inside shifts one’s very private paradigm of self-knowledge …
the impact of which cannot easily be shared with another,
but to those who have experienced it, to deny the ‘a-ha!’ moment is akin 
to denying one's face in the mirror each morning … you can't

So...that shift gained from the personal 'a-ha!' moment?

That's exactly what is needed these days,
exactly what Mother Earth herself cries out for ...
as any mother, she is done asking, "how many times must i show you?" 

Today's headlines demand that reincarnation is the singlemost important knowledge
to which humankind must awaken if we are to avoid the oncoming catastrophe ...

This is not just the ramblings on an old indian woman -
this understanding has been hinted at by Hopi prophecy** which quietly states:
“we are the ones we have been waiting for.” 

Let that sink in –
we are the ones we have been waiting for

Is it difficult to wrap your brain around that?
Try it this way: we are our children’s children’s children –
in other words what we leave for our descendants, we leave to ourselves -

How else can we be 'the ones we are waiting for' …
How else can we be our own children's grandchildren … 
except that a soul incarnate more than once?

Contrary to what we'd like to think, we don't escape this mess when we die -
we return to make it right, or die trying again and again and again ...
that is karmic law

And while the old saying generally brings a knowing smile,
seen under the lens of reincarnation, the same saying becomes a dire warning,
that ‘history repeats itself because we don't learn the first time around’ - 
we only smile because its 
truth makes us uncomfortable at our deepest core ...

Perhaps it's time to think about the elephant in the room 
if only to explore
what insights might be gained from the perspective of having "done this before"...


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hile the two concepts (christianity and reincarnation) may seem mutually exclusive, they aren't -
in fact, in Matthew 17:10-13 Jesus clearly identifies the Baptist as Elijah, adding, "they knew him not."
But that's another topic altogether to be explored with later writings - in the meantime, the scholarly work Reincarnation in World Thought is an excellent resource 

**there is evidence that the quote we are the ones we have been waiting for did not originate with the Hopi but rather originates with a Cherokee elder named Will Rockingbear - explore documentation at this link  

still have questions?  perhaps NHT can help: check out her service listing

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