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... and the Mind/Body Connection 

Have you ever heard of "referred pain?" ( Click here for a quick explanation from the Merck Manual - scroll down to the last section:  "What is Referred Pain?" )

Likewise emotions can also be 'referred' for which homeopathy offers Reflex Emotional Therapy. These homeopathic remedies facilitate the mind/body connection using a combination of cell salts, flower medicine, and specific homeopathics to assist with recurrent unwanted emotional patterns...

'sound hokey? 
it isn't. 
Science shows how stress creates toxins in the body, and emotions can be stressful -further studies of naturalist medicine seem to corroborate that certain emotions are related to certain parts of the body  -  and it makes sense ...

take grieving, for instance -- its referred organ is the lung --  if you've ever been in mourning, then you know that even breathing is a challenge, so completely does the grieving long to be trans-dimensional ...  i mourned through extended periods of breathlessness -  i remember being suddenly air-starved and sucking in my breath so intensely that i startled not only myself but also those nearby  ... so you can see how grieving affects the lung ...

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