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Tues 23 feb 2021 -

senate hearings open today on the capitol insurrection …biggest question, according to 24/7 news, is how the policing malfunction happened … do they truly not know that sh*t rolls downhill and that it started at the top?  or is their ignorance feigned, a ploy to fill void air time, to sell more cars and drugs and propaganda … ? 

24/7 just feeds the voracious  propaganda appetite, doesn’t it?

today is about insight in a movie - while i don’t typically do movies, yesterday "A Few Good Men" was on and, snowed in during pandemic, i let it play as background noise, of course secretly hoping to catch Nicholson’s best-ever delivered line – which got me to thinking …

substitute Nicholson’s character with the one who shall remain nameless, and it becomes clear how the capitol policing ‘failure’ happened … the riots happened not because all the underlings are politically bound to one man, but rather because they are bound to their personal understanding of honour ‘to follow orders' [even if at the sacrifice of one's own personal morals] which, from a military standpoint, is the prime directive, and it should be ... except during times when corruption over rules the prime directive - and who determines that? the brave ...

Let's be clear ... the failure of law enforcement was driven for the most part by corrupt power exploiting honourable obedience 

A lot of the underlings in the capitol riots now using the defense of  'following orders' were like the younger defendant in "A Few Good Men'  who truly believed that he was obeying the prime directive to "follow orders" ... so are the underlings to be faulted, or presumed to be in the wrong camp because their honourable sense of duty was exploited by power corrupted?

We need not be distracted from the puppeteer ... 
unless, of course, ‘you can’t handle the truth!’
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