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Spirit's Calling Card or,
why there's no such thing as 'coincidences' ...

As some of you know, i homeschooled my kids back in the 80’s 
when it was very much illegal to do so. 
I knew i risked jail and losing the children because i saw this happening on local news, 
which is why we lived like gypsies, travelling the country to live under the radar 
(the kids actually figured out that we’d clocked over 27,000 miles drive time … ) 
to me our lifestyle stands as a testament to my passionate educational dedication
and to my belief that education is the only solution to everything …

Homeschooling was so illegal that when i started without appropriate school letterhead
for instance, it was impossible to gain access to a publisher’s catalogue of school textbooks, which were such forbidden territory for some reason to outsiders 
that by the early 90’s i’d created our own school to have letterhead ...
the kids named our school 'JMJ Academy' -
using the acronym for a Catholic prayer ('jesus, mary, and joseph')
known as an 'aspiration' taught from babyhood -
aspiration, breath - Hinduism tells us the breath connects us to God -
the breath energies of aspirations are their power -
they are used in a reverent plea for help, however minour or majour ...
for instance, the mother of 4 children, say, under the age of 5 might utter it all day long -
while it might also be aspired on the much more dramatic, like shock or trauma-

a few weeks after JMJ was up and running with its own letterhead,
my kids realized it was also an acronym for the 3 of them
(using their given names) 

ah, yes, homeschooling in the early days was not a pant load of helpful ...
  so i’d also learned to haunt thrift shops wherever we lived, 
taking note of the good ones (library-wise) wherever we’d settle for a while 
and mostly was able to lay my hands on what was needed when needed - 

but once in a while i’d need something specific to get us unstuck on something, 
and those times taught me to take such requests into the Dreamtime.
I'd often be shown where i could find whatever was needed … 

Once when we were living in the Columbia River Gorge,
i needed a math book, a 1950’s specific elementary edition, actually …
so i took the need into the Dreamtime and the next day
we made a 140 mile-roundtrip to one particular thrift shop in Portland
where i’d been ‘shown’ the book was, and it was …
and of course, while at the thrift shop (any thrift shop) i browsed the books to see 
what else i could find when the artwork of this book, below, caught my attention, 
and so it was purchased along with the math book

fast forward, and i found myself living once more in my natal new england homeland, 
on a different coast entirely from where that thrift shop is, 
and still in possession of the aforementioned books …

but here’s the kicker by pure chance:
the house i ended up living in for a while turned out to be the very same house
where the artist lived and painted that book, above
that book i bought those many years ago on impulse 3000 miles from home … 
we ended up in that house through,
as it almost always is with 'miracle' stories,
 an unbelievable string of ‘coincidences’, 

...true story 

moral:  to dismiss an event as ‘coincidental’ is to torch Spirit’s calling card -
better to see it as an opportunity to say "thank you" -
gratitude begats more miracles

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