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                                       Holiday Madness:  

thus it begins ...

i don't mince words: i hate the holidays;
i mean, literally, really and truly abhor this time of year – i didn't always, 
but blatant hypocrisy and capitalism have destroyed them for me ...
in recent years i’ve even come to fantasize 
about pre-thanksgiving ‘de-animation’  with reanimation sometime after March
(a family birthday marathon mercilessly extends the holidays)

i had begun this holiday revolt long before the family fractured –
for years i’d been trying to entice exploration of different ways 
to celebrate the mid-winter (and birthdays), but to no avail –
and now after the family fracture, the painfulness of holidays simply serves
to underscore the hypocrisy and capitalistic poison 
which have destroyed any meaning to anything anymore ...

and so tell me again, what is it you want me to celebrate? 
what's that you say? ... Squanto's miracle of that first Thanksgiving?
pffft!  i used to believe that too until i discovered 
that Squanto's miracle lasted only 50 years  –
barely two friggin’ generations!!
am i to celebrate that PEACE has only a two-generation sustainability?

as for me and mine having begun year 6 of our own family’s schism,
i am more cynical than ever, especially given the consistency and constancy of mankind’s general heartlessness and self-absorption…
it seems few recognize any more how family makes this hell hole tolerable –

IME, from infancy abandonment triggered in these my elder years,
i look around and see misery as huge as and larger than my own –
making celebration intolerable with so much pain everywhere
while life counts six decades for me chock full of evidence 
against keeping hollow traditions 
squanto Tisquantum Wampanoag Plymouth, MA Patuxet
            explore:  Squanto

below, the reconstructed Mayflower, Plymouth MA  

below, Baystater's pride: a single town's honourability

now spare me the religious rhetoric and usual lip service –
i’ve heard it all – 
and we all know what’s happening and what isn’t happening, 
and what's not happening is ACTION -
action necessary enough to ‘stem the tides’ so to speak 

and don’t point to the activists as if you and they are one – 
because there are far too few of these courageous and
determined souls who fight for right beyond their own
comfort zones …
and their work isn’t a license for the rest of us to slack off --
but that's exactly what we do - 
we point at them not in praise,
but to make ourselves feel more comfortable 
with our own compliant complacency…

well i pointedly ask: 
what action have YOU taken outside your comfort zone?
because, as i see it, if you have food, clothing, and shelter, 
then humanitarian duty requires you to advocate for the
suffering  until all are fed, clothed and sheltered

this concept is nothing new – at least it shouldn’t be … 
every single prophet who ever came through here demanded nothing less

we are our brother’s keepers … like it or not …

so take some unsolicited advice 
from this half-breed American Indian Elder:
we all know someone who could use our help – 
make this a true Thanksgiving for them -
bring them in from the cold, feed them, 
and send them off with something you don’t need anymore 
but that would make their life more tolerable …

now that’d be reason to celebrate


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