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Angel Lights --

in my office working the other day,  i 'felt' something from the mantle altar behind me.
when i turned to look, not sure of what i saw, i grabbed my camera 
which was recharging right next to me  ...
i took two shots, one right after the other - time on both reads 6:10

this is what first caught my eye and became my first shot ...
(sorry it's blurry - i was shaking)

rainbow on archangel gabriel statue

 i took this second picture, below, only seconds later -

and this is what i got
archangel gabriel statue second shot

cool, huh?  

(note bottle of client remedy 'resting' at Gabriel's feet
that's standard operating procedure for NHT's MEDICINARY)

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Angel on my Birthday

Through no intention of my own, except perhaps an odd predilection to repair broken statues,
an enormous angel collection has swelled itself inside my life ...
most of the collection is camped together in (and all over) one room -
from there depending upon season or whim, 
angels will take up residence for awhile on personal altars in other rooms ...

a newer angel of mine staged a light show yesterday for my birthday ... 
i shot a number of frames before the light faded -
this is the very first and the only clear one -

angel statue with weird light

as you can see the very next shot, below, was blurry with very different light
as if the first shot had 'startled' whatever was happening 

angel statue second shot
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on a morning that a very dreadful situation was coming to another head, 
as per my habit when rallying troops from the unseen, 
i lit a 3 hour votive candle to Gabriel at around 8:30 am 
and placed it on my altar … 

and on this day which brought no bad news,
it took me until early afternoon to realize that that votive was still burning –
in fact it was burning so brightly that around 2:30 in the afternoon i took this untouched shot - 
gabriel and the candle
about 20 minutes later that 3 hour votive finally went out -
take what resonates, leave the rest   -NHT

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all rights reserved

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