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Changing a Diaper ... 
a social commentary

It is no secret that the future of any nation lies with its children ...
to paraphrase the original idea of the Greeks -  
"to destroy a nation, destroy its educational system, and it will fall from within"
as one forced to homeschool illegally i find 
those are very very scary words
(thankfully and against all odds, my kids made it into top notch colleges: Jesuit-run BC and  UMass-Amherst - )

the thing that most people don't understand about raising children, or even think about,
is that education doesn't begin with a child's entrance into some educational scenario ...
 rather education begins with the child's first breath, with mom, and with dad ...
they are the child's first teachers ...
what a child learns from mom and dad will colour his/her whole life ...

consider the following video ...
initially, and especially from a woman's point of view, it is ridiculously hilarious -- truly ...
(and kudos to this dad and those like him for facing his fear - there are a lot of videos posted similar to this one)
but when i watched it a second time, something triggered,
and i realized i was seeing it from baby's point' of view ...
and how frightened he was at Dad's 'antics'

first, understand that to Baby there is no concept of 'real or fake'

just like to Baby there is no past or future ...
to Baby everything is in the present moment because that's all he/sheknows
(some might even say, that's because in truth the NOW is all there is)*** 

so watch this video a second time taking special notice to this baby's way of assessing the situation -
what he sees is that someone he loves is clearly in distress ...
it's so obvious that at one point, the baby even begins to cry ...
that's called empathy, folks, a natural response, believe it or not, in the human species
that is, until social integration wipes it out, inspiring Facebook memes to wonder,
where has all the empathy has gone? 

with the introduction to this 'modern' world that babies are greeted with,
is it any wonder today's headlines are so insane?

we mindlessly raise children to conform to a machine gone mad -
is this because as parents we have forgotten, or have not acknowledged
that we have the power to nurture in our children the future
that we all want ...
(well, maybe not the greedy ones, but they'll get over it because likely they'll hang onto their $$)

personally, triggered by my own abandonment issues,
what i take away from this video is concern for all babies,
and for this one in particular ...
how deep and dark will his feelings of inadequacy be buried
for having been unable to ease his dad's discomfort,
if he can even later identify the kernel of truth to his adult discomfort?  

and what of his sense of self-love?
clearly he is being taught that something horrific can come from his body 

to cause obvious great discomfort to someone so significant to him??

we don't think babies 'get it' -
we are so, so wrong ...

it's even worse because babies haven't yet learned society's defensive (and destructive) behaviour, 
so they are wide open and take everything into their as-yet undisciplined emotional life ...
which in later years can become the fodder for the statistics showing
that narcissism is commonly attracted to psychology professions**

So many social difficulties would disappear if, when we are in the presence of babies,
 adults were to be on their best behaviour ... 
to do so demonstrates to new ones that overall the world is a pretty good place
(at least it used to be) 
and yes, as a parent you still have freedom to express yourself,
but does your baby really need to believe, because your sense of entitlement wasn't satiated,
that the world is a  'mean place' which makes you "have to move"?
(something i recently witnessed)

it is in homage to the future that boundaries between adulthood and childhood be established -
practice diligence to see that adult self-expressionhappens when and where most appropriate ...

because make no mistake: parental behaviour creates the foundation
upon which a child will build his/her life ...

for the sake of society, for the sake of ourselves and the children, 
then give them a foundation woven with as much peace and love as we are humanly able ...

let the children discover in their own way that darkness prowls the world -
by then we'll have had enough time to teach them about lighting candles ...

© 2018
all rights reserved

**Do the research and you'll be shocked to find that statistics have shown psychology is the top profession to attract narcissists -
you'd think it would be the stage/moves/tv, right?  nope, for narcissists it's not about adulation of self  (they already love themselves more than anyone else could)  -- but rather, for narcissists it's about empowering themselves with and thriving on the energy of the emotionally weakened ... narcissists aren't in the business of strengthening as much as they're about feeding their own aggrandized self-image -  there is a simple solution:  to create ethical social services, make it mandatory for all job applicants to pass psychology's own tests for identifying narcissism, with the sole purpose of barring the wolf from the hen house ...
but then what do i know? i'm just a crazy, old NDN woman)

*** in order for the past or for the future to exist, we must bring it into the present moment, into the NOW, via our thoughts