Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

Sharing client testimony from Deniese S. of Arkansas - 
through a number of emails, she submitted this gracious review of her transaction experience with me --
all i can say is "thank you, Deniese - i am humbled" ...  

                                                          Deniese's Dreamcatcher>>>>

custom dreamcatcher

Deniese writes:

"Dear NHT -
Received my Dream catcher today!!! I LOVE IT!! You had it packed VERY NICELY NAY, THANK YOU SO MUCH

later... "I am seeing beautiful extra beads and charms that I had not seen in the photos...the detail is AMAZING..IT IS SO ME...YOU NAILED MY PERSONALITY BIG TIME...I LOVE THIS...I cannot stop staring at is like I discover new things each time I look at it

even later " ...I love the [affirmation] cards too...I am going to take them to work tonight and study and absorb them mentally, I want to fully understand what a SPECIAL TREASURE I HAVE IN MY HOME...At the top where I will hang it...the intricate bead work..the pink and white beads sown into the leather...I LOVE IT...I LOVE SMALL SPECIAL DETAILS IN ITEMS, clothes, artwork, jewelery...ect...

the next day
 "I stare and study things very closely...These lil charms are says LOVE ON IT...AND..I am so happy this is my First Dream Catcher, that I did not buy any of the ones fr the farmers market...because I am simply in AWE..THAT EACH THING ON IT...IS NOT ABOUT LOOKING PRETTY...WHICH IT IS BEAUTIFUL...BUT...THE MEANING BEHIND EVERY SINGLE THING ON THE DREAM CATCHER...THAT IS FREKIN AWESOME...EACH BEAD, EACH CHARM, EACH FEATHER, THE PLACEMENT...EVEN THE COLOR OF THE DREAM CATCHER...(WHITE) Is that not the most feminine and pure color you can think of!!! THIS IS SO UNIQUE IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS...AND IT IS DEEP...SO DEEP...I AM HAPPY...and I feel special and blessed!!" 


                  'still don't understand how my work is 'medicine'?  ask yourself this then: 
when was the last time you bought something about which you were still raving
and writing  a couple days later?