Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

the energy worker's Rule #1:
Ground, Center, Shield  

frog using leaf as umbrella
For most who walk this path, this rule is a given because it is the first defense
against the dark side which often and easily expresses itself in health issues ...

yet, even the most experienced of us, due to human nature,
equally as often do not practice this First Rule for reasons 
from  'i forget' to 'i don't think of it' --

well, flower medicine can help ...

As gentle healers of the emotions, 
some flowers wait to help us strengthen the resolve to 'play safe'  --
for instance one group of flowers is specific to teach the body shielding
and another group to teach the body grounding ...

Over a century ago British MD, Dr. Edward Bach, the father of flower medicine,
called these groups 
"over-sensitive" and "insufficient attention to the present moment" - 

Understand: it is not the function of the remedy to shield you,
but rather the flowers therein to teach the body to shield itself, 
whereupon the need of those flowers dissipates ...
(i'm actually in the business of putting myself out of business ;)  )

and it's not voodoo or snake oil or magic -
it's actually based on something lightworkers will appreciate ...

Julian Barnard in Bach Flower Remedies, Form and Function points out that
the clue is in the gesture (how it lives) of each flower -  
for instance, in the shielding remedy 
we see something inherently 'shielding' in the botany of each flower -
paraphrasing Mr. Barnard,
'agrimony is strangely solitary' 
'centaury is ...small, overlooked...invisible'
'walnut's resemblance to the womb implies protection'
'holly's prickly leaves are a natural deterrent' --
what a perfect means of shielding that each flower brings to the party!!


in addition to flower medicine and perhaps other alternative therapies,
and especially for protection issues,
it is also useful to incorporate mindful exercises into one's routine,
such as the following simple, yet powerful visualization (author unknown) ...

This little [meditation] is one of the most essential skills you can have in your spiritual tool chest.
It protects against psychic noise, psychic attack, telepathy, dark entities,
and otherwise unwanted energies.
It can re-balance you, increase your discernment, and keep your aura clean.
It's a great way to start a meditation or any spiritual light work.
Consider it basic hygiene for your soul.

Ground: Start by sitting comfortably in a chair.
Make sure your spine is straight and your feet planted firmly on the floor.
Say in your mind, the word, "ground."  
Then begin to visualize your feet growing roots like a tree, through the ground,
all the way down to the center of the earth.
See these roots anchor themselves there, in the earth's core.
Feel the depth of this connection stabilizing you.
Allow any negative energy to drain down through these roots and be burned up.
Center: Take a moment to observe where you are in the here and now.
Notice how you feel.
Don't judge it.
Just notice it.
Say in your mind the word, "center."  
Then see these roots pulling white light from the center of the earth, up into your heart.
Pull all your awareness into your heart, as this light forms into a growing, glowing ball.
Imagine YOU are inside the center of this ball, and you are one with it.

Shield: See this ball of light expanding, flowing throughout your body like water, 
until it has filled you completely. 
Say in your mind the word, "shield." Then, direct that light out from your body through your skin. 
Spin this light around your body in a clockwise motion, forming a bubble of earth-powered protection. 
You can play with your shield, trying out different shapes and sizes. 
You can form it into an egg of light, make it transparent, or put mirrors on it!
I recommend making it porous like a web or a screen if you will be interacting with other people.
When you feel like your shield is in place, say in your mind, "Only love can pass through this shield."

If you do this simple meditation at the start of each morning, for 30 days,
you will be sure to see positive changes in your life.
Soon, it will be as easy as saying, "Ground, center, shield."

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