Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

As herbs generally are to the body 
so too are flowers and trees to the spirit, 
to the auric body –
helping us to process emotions, 
which in turn affects the physical body ...

For a more comprehensive answer, visit Dr. Bach's website in England (where at last reckoning his flower medicine along with homeopathy was still supported by British healthcare).

Although there are now numerous flower essence brands, Dr. Bach developed the art’s definitive information ... and while each continent has its own a set of flowers, the workings of the therapy are the same.

I learned to work with Green Kingdom energy 
at the knee of Grandmother ...
well, she wasn’t really my grandmother,
but i could not have loved her more if she had been... she was actually mother of  the landlady and wife of Pa –

Grandmother's own medicine was Lithuanian 
and blended nicely with NDN culture 
when I finally discovered that part of myself...
later, I went on to refine my healing skills
with both Naturopathic physicians
and even a flower crafter ...

flower medicine was destined for my shaman bag, as hinted at in this poem written in in my teens –
I doubt I recognized it at the time, but the poem speaks of sacrifice and sacrament, of how the former fuels the latter in the practice of one’s medicine 

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the green kingdom
mother earth -
"All things have their beginnings 
in energy 
which, according to Einstein,
 can be neither created nor destroyed, 
only transformed into different vibrations. 
When we become attuned to those differences, 
we can partake of the healing qualities therein ...
All of Mother Earth is our medicine cabinet, 
the Green Kingdom, especially --
flowers, herbs, trees - 
these all bring us our medicines."

To receive healing,
one simply aligns
to the necessary vibrational energies.
Flowers and some trees facilitate this process
in resolving emotional struggles.
Herbs and other trees align the seen (physical)
with the unseen (auric).


The Father of Flower Medicine was a British MD

Dr. Edward Bach bio
Like Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was also a British MD --
Learn more about the healing modality of flowers at Dr. Bach's UK site