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Homeopathy is the treatment of disease by miniscule doses of natural substances
in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease -
founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), homeopathy is still supported by British healthcare, this, in spite of the fact that  Dr. Hahnemann lost his medical license in a tussle with his days' version of Big Pharma known then as the Apothecary Guild -- 

Perhaps part of the misunderstanding and confusion surrounding homeopathy is that we didn't/don't have language yet to discuss energetic medicine -- maybe that's the next phase of  the work begun by the Drs. Hahnemann and Bach (of flower essence fame)

Homeopathy's basic premise is simple:  1. like treats like -  2.  less is more ...

Simplistically speaking, then,  if you have measles, then your remedy is measles - 
this jumpstarts the body's healing mechanisms against measles  -  
while it may sound 'out there' in fact like treats like is the basis for vaccinations - 

unfortunately the less is more part got lost in translation 
and imo feeds the present controversy and dangers surrounding vaccinations ... 

ime, it is unsound medicine to separate like treats like from less is more ...

as for homeopathic healing, here is another way to approach understanding how it works ... 
when on break, most folks refresh themselves by sipping their cuppa ... 
that's what homeopathy is: healing borne in sips (drops, tiny pellets, etc.)
Homeopathy says, that you don't have to swim in it - just sip -
that the body is smart enough to recognize healing in any form

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