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mosquitoes and ticks and fleas, oh my!
effective, nutritional solutions
for everyone
natural healing for stick family

there is an effective and natural defense for Lyme disease and other threats
right under our noses ...
To start, ask yourself this: 
what do these pesky health risks,  mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, have in common?

The answer is that they are all finicky eaters with specific tastes for blood -
it is their achilles' heel, so to speak,
and your key lowering your chances of
 being bothered by any of them:
simply change the flavour of your blood  -

How do you do this?

for fleas and mosquitoes,
this is done easily and simply with specific administration of vitamin B complex ...
this is the only vitamin group which supports our sense of well-being, our mental health -**
any deficiency here sets off negative reactions in the body
which in turn affect subtle changes in the blood's chemistry  -

given that in nature the weak and infirm are preyed upon
why wouldn't B complex deficiency, a sign of weakness/infirmity,
 attract mosquitoes and fleas?

at the first sign of a flea, add brewer's yeast (another form of B complex) 
to your pet's  diet 
and any fleas he may attract will not last long -
a bonus is that most animals LOVE brewer's yeast
i had a cat who stealthily stole tablets if you didn't watch her closely --
 the easiest administration is just to sprinkle the powder into the food supply...

 To easily and simply eradicate a flea infestation -
add brewer's yeast to the entire household's diet, either by powder or tablet ...
wait a few days, then vacuum up the starved-to-death fleas from your carpets
... easy peasy, and chemical-free

for mosquitoes -
mosquitoes' blood preferences detest the flavour of niacinamide -
it's a flushless* form of niacin, which is (surprise!) a component of the B-complex -
mosquitoes actively avoid blood that is well-nourished with niacin/niacinamide...
(i learned this trick from an old mountain man in the pacific northwest)

to set up your nutritional mosquito shield
just take 500mg of niacinamide an hour or so before going outdoors ...

remember, B complex is water-soluble so there is no danger of  'over-dosing' -
any excess is excreted in the urine, but in this case the stronger the better, i suppose

But that's it - niacinamide - so g'ahead -
take the leap of faith to keep mosquitoes and fleas at bay ...
and you'll score another one for the mightily misunderstood and much maligned vitamin B complex

Now for ticks -
same idea, but with an herb not a vitamin ...
and not with the tick itself,
but with the pathogens of secondary Lyme disease ...

the mechanism of this herb renders the blood oxygen useless to the Lyme pathogen,
so that during a flare-up, abundance of cat's claw in the blood
basically suffocates the effects of Lyme on the body.

what's the herb? 
it's cat's claw, or Unicaria Tomentosa

years ago i learned of this plant's medicine first hand when my white lhasa apso
tested on the low end of positive for lyme disease -
she would have frequent outbreaks of intense joint pain, causing her to whimper -
research led me to Unicaria Tomentosa, commonly known as 'cat's claw' -
when i first brought it home, testing its potential efficacy,
i opened the jar and put it on the floor near my pup to see her reaction -
well, her interest was immediate and clear (and she was a finicky eater)...
i added cat's claw to her daily diet and outbreaks were once a season, if that ...

i have administered Unicaria Tomentosa 
to both two-footeds and four-footeds 
with great success in combating the effects of Lyme disease...

©2017, 2020, 2021

the Lyme pathogen is carried in the infected tick's stomach - that said, during extraction of the tick,
do not pour alcohol or essential oils over the area  
until after the tick is fully dislodged from the body... 
to do so causes the tick to vomit which releases the Lyme pathogen 

*for off-site information on the harmless 'niacin flush,' click here
        **click here to read NHT's writing on how vitamin B complex shut down an early 1900s insane asylum


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