Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

  NHT's Approach
To Nutritional Therapy
simply common sense

over decades of helping folks,  
i've seen individualized nutritional protocols 
bring relief in cases which baffled mainstream medicine ... 
my technique, supported by available clinical evidence, is simple common sense:
determine where the body is in need of nutritional support, address it, and more often than not, the associated discomfort will be significantly alleviated, if not altogether removed
when diet is wrong medicine is of no use

 my service assesses your daily diet and  aligns the information you provide about your nutritional intake and health concerns against clinically documented deficiencies and/or preventative therapy - 

from an assessment which, again, is based upon your own observations and responses, you will end up with a suggested nutritional protocol specific to your body’s requirements 

linus pauling nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency.

"labwork" is not the only way to know what a person needs to eat in order 
to stay healthy – 

in fact, it's more likely that lab results will be dismissively "within normal range" whatever that means with such varied needs as represented by the population

so how does one know what is needed
without labwork? a person’s health complaints, concerns, and personal observations are mighty powerful beacons 

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NHT's Guarantee 
as always, follow any  protocol for 30 days and if no relief is experienced, 
a full refund is guaranteed