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it's enough to make you sick
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'Ever hear of the Merck Manual?  It's mainstream medicine’s bible of diseases...

and it stands in testimony that the origin of nearly every disease begins with poor nutrition –

So why is nutritional healing so very sadly overlooked by mainstream medicine?
Logistics, really – there’s no money to be made
you see, the first rule of marketing is that money-making requires pigeon-holing … 
and in nutrition there are just too many variables - DNA, stress levels, time of life, etc...
it's impossible to create suitable guidelines for an entire population 
because in general we each have such varied needs
wherein individual requirements can be in contradiction 

Plus, it's a given that we don’t live in a perfect world, and
proper nutrition is more than just eating the right foods –
it's about eating pure foods - no pesticides, GMOs, etc…
and until purity can be guaranteed we must take into consideration the poisons 
in the food supply 
because they tax the population’s health deficiencies even that much further –

Here is why i say that: 
back in the 70s giant journalist in his own time, Walter Cronkite interviewed
a pioneering researcher studying the effects of pesticides
on the food supply and obviously on us ... 
AT THAT TIME, the scientist told Cronkite, 
the chemicals not only destroyed our ability to solve problems, 
but also destroyed our ability to recognize problems
Cronkite was shocked - he asked what could be done? 
the scientist replied, he thought it was 'already too late' 
-- documented by Cronkite in his book  A Reporter's Life

Nutrition is as individual as each body’s ability to effectively process nutrients,
which can be thrown off, for instance, by something as simple as not knowing 
that some vitamins need to 
be paired with others to be assimilated effectively? 
or by something more arcane, 
as in,
Grandmother’s osteosporosis might be hereditary (suggesting an unchangeability)

but it might also be an inability to effectively process calcium 
based on a higher genetic 
need of magnesium,
and therefore 'fixable' --
not to mention that eating/nutrition comes from learned behaviour, 
if mother doesn't eat healthy, probably neither will her children,
thus contributing to nutritional deficiency

a clearer picture is to be had of the nutritional path for health and healing
when an individual is seen in context

... and this is where i come in -
i can help -- 
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