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When the 'guru' really isn't ...

Instead of continually repeating the story every time I read a Facebook post 
quoting ‘wisdom’ from a bearded guy named “Osho,"
i have written this article to provide links to the story ... 

As a Bostonian with a northeast grasp of journalism, I know
if this story had happened on the east coast instead of Oregon, 
that the entire nation would know about it …
as it is, I have encountered way too many who know nothing --

I know this story up close and personal because our search to homeschool without interference
had just located our young family to the area in Oregon 
when and where all of this was happening …

first, understand that ‘Osho’ is a pseudonym perpetuated by his misguided followers 
after the death of, as he is more infamously known, the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh -- 
this man launched the first bio-terror attack on American soil in a neighouring town to ours
by lacing the service and salad bars in local restaurants with salmonella
and ultimately infecting 751 people ranging in age from 2 days to 87 years …
his insidious goal was political to gain power in this isolated outpost of Oregonian agriculture
by making voters too sick to get to the polls and bussing in the homeless to turn the election ...

people as far away from the action as 100 miles were panicked …
it was a crazy and intense Welcome to Oregon for this mother with young children

Although the words of “Osho” may ring with your soul,
for myself, a strong believer that actions speak louder than words,
I make it a point to let folks know just who this man was 
whenever and wherever he is mentioned --

there is nothing more lost than a society following its own enemies

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For more info   
Here is a Time 2001 article entitled “America’s First BioTerror Attack"

This is a 2011 article from OregonLive.com  -  a 5-parter because it’s a crazy, crazy story, 
the first part being titled “Twenty-Five Years Later: it was worse than thought”