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Patriotism of the Heart - 
a simple, apolitical take on American politics
first written in 2016 at the dawn of today's madness, it's urgently relevent now,
become sometimes when lost, it helps to retrace one footsteps:
thankfully (pun intended), retracing the country's footsteps back to the Mayflower
holds valuable clues about a national reboot for unified healing, 
independent of dirty party politics

So, remember the grade school Mayflower story? 
 from an American Indian’s point of view, in the traditional story, 
 aboard the square-rigged sailing ship were 2 main groups of immigrants  --
one group was the pilgrims looking for a new life who brought God with them, failing to realize that God is everywhere.

 every religion has its own God context, which is traditionally a cultural personalization of whatever's running this whole show we call reality ... 
and, contrary to what many wan to believe, no context is better than any other because
 as the Sufi say, 
"La illaha il'allah," meaning, there is no God, but God 
... well, as the pilgrims brought their God concept,
businessmen brought their vision to make money,
to keep the wheels of life turning and all that that entails.
Keep in mind that this was at the time when even most businessmen humbled themselves to some version of the God-concept

simplistically speaking, while the process of development went through many metamorphoses, these two groups were the seeds 
of what ultimately translated into the 2-party system -
the pilgrims in search of a new life became the democrats ...
and the businessmen, focussed on money, became bankers, 
the GOP, the grand ol’ party, today's chaos-creating republicans,
whose kryptonite is itself money -
today's GOP has been poisoned by money

how did we get to today from the Pilgrims and honourable businessmen?
back then the God concept was front and center, unabashedly acknowledged in the town square of American brotherhood ...
today, however, due to the propaganda weapon of 'political correctness,' for the last half century, the God concept has been relegated to the shadows - so there's that

and then there was a time was when journalists were the respected watchdog groups on the two parties -  legends like Cronkite or Huntley-Brinkley kept a balanced watch over political shenanigans, and reported to the People via actual non-biasedjournalististic reporting ... 
not to be confused with today's corporate driven news outlets
and on-air personalities who can read --
without the edge of this counterpointed journalism,
today's problems are given life, even created,
 by the media, technology, not to mention pathetic public education, 
and blatant manipulation by those in power -
 so much so that truth today is not only conveniently smeared beyond recognition, any shred of its decency has been lost 
in the stagnant muck of political self-service ... 

and there's one last thing: 
 seeking truth in political choices is a always myth - 
read that last line again - let it sink in --

political science studies on choice show that the process of choosing 
is much more direct and oten entirely disregards intellectual input
Wait, what?
regardless of politics or propaganda,
a person believes what he/she chooses to believe -
 second, and here's the kicker, psychology determines that
typically a person's politics are heavily influenced, 
neither by education nor political savvy, 
but rather by mere parental opinion and/or emotional manipulation/influence, either for or against a particular political view -
this means, depending on a child's relationship with said parent,

politics have much more to do with emotional bias than with intellectual reasoning or social consciousness -

With all that said, to put this all in context, let's revisit what election-time is about, what it's always all about: the white elephant in the room, 
man’s longtime ethical conundrum  
since time immemorial:
it’s about money, or more accurately, the control thereof

so then, stripped of political jargon, elections all boil down
to the republicans wanting to keep the money in the bank,
and the democrats wanting to invest in the People ...
it's that simple, folks - 
it seems more complicated because confusion hides sins easier.

Now, claim your citizen's right for a national reboot
by going back to the very beginning of this nation,
to a much simpler time of dreams and revolutions,
long before the Capital was stormed,
way before Watergate was ever breached,
before the Constitution was ever even written -
and ask yourself this: 
If, in 1620 you had boarded the Mayflower
alongside the pilgrims and the businessmen, 
and you were in the same social class then as you are today,
with whom would you be sitting? 

and boom! there it is:
 how any one of us should vote in any election  …
it is imvho the People's most direct way
to save and to protect the soul of the nation.

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