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Patriotism of the heart - 
this simple, apolitical take on American politics
looks to the Mayflower for clues
about a national reboot, 
independent of dirty party politics

Remember the grade school Mayflower story? 
 from this American Indian’s point of view, 
on board, were 2 groups of immigrants  --
pilgrims who were looking for a new life 
and businessmen looking for more money
(remember the adage about what money is root of ... )

Although the process itself went through many metamorphoses,
these two groups are the seeds of what translated 
into the 2 party system -
and it helps to look at things this way:
that the pilgrims in search of a new life became the democrats ...
and that the businessmen likely became the GOP?
the grand ol’ party, otherwise known as, the republicans

make no mistake: 
truth today has been smeared beyond recognition 
by the media, technology, pathetic public education, 
and a blatant manipulation by those in power 
(thank Mr. Nixon, father of the modern GOP, for the latter)

Now before you get all rankled, this isn't about placing blame, 
because looking for truth in our political choices is a myth 
(reaad that line again)
and here’s why: 
first, each person believes what he/she chooses to believe,
regardless of politics or the propaganda -

 and second, studies have shown that generally 
a person's politics are typically influenced, 
not by education or by political savvy, 
but by mere parental opinion
either for or against that political view,
 and depending on the child's relationship with said parent -

this means that a person's politics are based 
much more on emotional bias 
way less on political inspiration ...

so with truth having been removed altogether from an election,
let's revisit what election-time is all about,
what it's always all about: the white elephant in the room,
and man’s longtime ethical conundrum 
since time immemorial in one form or another:
it’s about money, 
or more accurately, the control thereof …

the republicans want to keep it in the bank for a rainy day,
and the democrats want invest in the people ...
it's that simple

Now, with that in mind, go back to the beginning,
to a simpler time of dreams and revolutions,
before the Capital was stormed,
before watergate was breached),
before the Constitution was even written,
and ask yourself this: 
in 1620 if you had boarded the Mayflower
alongside the pilgrims and the businessmen, 
with whom would you be sitting? 

and boom! there it is:
the nation's most direct route back to health,
as well as insight
about how any one of us should vote in any election  …

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