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Philosophy of Service
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Whatever service engages my attention, my intention is always the same:

to nurture healing whether it's with a remedy or through a piece of art ...
everything inside a package you receive from me is handcrafted by me,

from the item you purchase to affirmation cards to free gift,
from business card to shipping label, all work comes from me --

all of this energy is invested in potentizing the healing process ... 

i didn't have words for my sense of things until recently
but apparently my philosophy is similar to that 
of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), founder of homeopathy --

he declared it right for a practitioner
'not only to administer the homeopathic medicine
but also to prepare it himself

for me the artist cannot be separated from the healer,
and thus am i driven to practice this same kind of totality,
from beginning to end, in my medicine, my art --

...and btw, Hahnemann?  a definite hero of mine...
 the Tesla of his time, his brash declaration (above)
having cost him his medical license because
the truth he spoke came into direct conflict with the '
Guild of Apothecaries' 
Who? you may well ask.  
In Bach Flower Remedies: form and function*
the author Julian Barnard explains in this chilling answer:
"[they} were the drug companies 
of the mid-nineteenth century
striking out at a practitioner who threatened their monopoly.  
Bach [of flower medicine], too, was to fall foul of such vested interests 
and had extended correspondence with The General Medical Council.  
His offence?  Advertising new [flower] remedies, new uses"

sickeningly, corruption hasn't changed much ...
pun intended


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