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i am not a healthcare professional – 
although unsure from which side of the Rio Grande,
 i am a 
half-breed American Indian elder-
i've been told,  of the Turtle People Clan -  
the Healers and the Prophets -
throughout my life, my personal medicinary has consisted mainly 
of trees, flowers, rocks, and food -- 

what i share here with you is 
my knowledge of their medicines and teachings

culture informs perspective,
so there are many words naming this vocation 
which called to me before i was born  - 
shaman,  medicine woman, 
healer, walker between two worlds ...   
i suppose even, charlatan ... 
whatever the word ascribed,  
those who walk this path are driven by the same force: 
to share knowledge, to help, 
to heal or at least to ease suffering,
and to educate 

my own teachers include a Lithuanian elder (b. late 1800's),
a Cherokee medicine man, two naturopathic doctors, 
a homeopath, and even a crafter of flower essences --
i have been a non-traditional healer for over 5 decades -
but again, i am not a healthcare professional – 

100% refund guaranteed - confidentiality is practiced

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