Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

i was outside on the screened in porch one night, offering thanks for the day
when suddenly i heard, check craigslist for a camper
… out of the blue – 


while lately my gypsy blood has been more restless than usual,
buying a camper was not something anywhere near my to-do list …
yet the voice continued:
 celebrate, i heard - buy a camper from your shop money

now none of these things are easy for me to do:
neither to celebrate, to buy, nor to spend shop money …
but when the voice insisted, because i knew who spoke and therefore that something was afoot,
my doubts were dismissed -
i disentangled myself from the moon and stars in the night sky,
 and went back inside to find myself a camper …
it was instant – 
out of a dozen there was only one listing, and for two campers, both wa-a-ay within price range …
so i sent the listing off to my godson with a message: let’s go halfsies …
he replied quickly in the affirmative,
but while waiting for that seller to respond to our text contact, as requested,
 my godson was keeping an eye to the market -
i figured he'd been inspired by my own 'shopping spree' -
and damn, if he didn’t hit the motherload elsewhere
with this amazing find, below – 
for a freakin’ song, i kid you not!!

      ain’t she a beauty? i'd found hard-walled campers rather claustrophic - so i’d always wanted a pop-up, 
       just made more sense to this NDN … but holy moley, i never expected how spacious they are -- !! 

… now here’s the thing to this seemingly banal story:

at some point through the whole process of our chasing 'voice-driven' rainbows, 
my godson asked me, why my sudden urge to get a camper?
i smiled and told him that on that particular day i’d seen a corvette 
(a late friend's paranormal connection to us from 'beyond']
and  when i was outside praying that night, i heard  'look for a camper,'
i immediately recognized the speaker

“well,” said my godson,  “here’s something you didn’t know … 
 i'd been looking all spring and into summer for a camper,
but had given up … "

that’s when we both laughed
knowing our friend had continued the search for us

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