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The Story of the very First Warrior Ribbon Shirt
where the idea came from

traditional ribbon shirt

                            Traditional Ribbon Shirt, above
                                 as a child sized mock-up          

it's only toddler size - easier to write off if i messed it up even though i was so sure of the experiment's outcome that i photographed the mock-up without even side seams

...then emailed my friend a picture with an explanation that i wanted to make ribbon shirts, that this was my first attempt ever, and was i on track?  
His response was immediate and told me 
that i'd nailed it -
"This one's mine, itabee"

i told him i knew that - that he'd been its inspiration --

later, working on his shirt, i began to combine skills and developed the 'ribbon jewelry' which began the idea of taking the traditional ribbon shirt to a whole new level and leading me to coin the 'warrior' distinction.

        below mock-up and final product side by side

traditiona and warrior ribbon shirts

The idea of a Warrior Ribbon Shirt first began life
as a phrase:"a cloak of healing" is what i heard
from the intuitive me who was curious to see if the designer me, from just a bit of personal client info (birthdate, clan, etc.), could create a shirt with undeniable resonance to that person  --
i picked a Chickasaw friend - 
even though on a very deep level he is a brother,
in this life we've never met outside of cyberspace  -
it was a perfect guinea pig situation ...
without his knowing i designed this mock-up shirt, 
at left ... 

NHT's first Warrior Ribbon Shirt

warrior ribbon shirt

below:  when i was asked for a do-rag to match his shirt, 
i discovered there is versus between that and a skullcap - 
i didn't know his preference, and i wanted to surprise him 

so he got one of each!  
(note: do-rag comes down  lower on skull)

skullcaps and do-rags

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