Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings


i remember like it just happened,  the first time i heard Tree speak to me –
Mother Nature’s yearly birthday present for pisces/aries sun on the cusp had arrived, 
the most favouritest thing ever a New England yardful of e.e.cummings ‘mud-luscious’-ness--

Squatting, I wrote with my finger in the mud –
i don’t know what, probably a menu for the mud pies i’d spend the morning creating ...

What stays with me is feeling very small, but not at all insignificant, 
like the tiniest center of the universe -
very safe, protected by the towering trees above me,
in the sunlight spilling through the leaves and warming my back.
And then i heard Tree speak to me,
the reality of which i did not doubt until i was much older –

“whenever you need our medicine, we will be there”
i had never known such patient, loving kindness as i heard inTree's voice

in retrospect i know that abandoned ones do not feel protected or safe very often,
hence the reason why the memory stays with me, i’m sure –
but at the time i reveled in the safety and protection of the majestic Green Kingdom
which showered many blessings down upon my life’s endeavours –
they have long been trusted confidantes
who offer not only sage advice but insightful guidance as well...
when i finally ventured from the woodlands of New England
i found the plains at first felt like another planet –

A look through travel photo albums reveals that solitary trees intrigued me -
those members of the Green Kingdom 
who appear on the horizon after hundreds of treeless miles -

a most significant illustration of my relationship with Tree
happened many many years after that mud pie-making day...
a young family member had been taken to the ER unconscious with meningitis 
and as I rushed to reach him,
passing beneath the branches of the front yard's Blue Spruce, 
i heard, ‘already with him ...”
in voice so distinct and clear and recognizable, that, even in my haste, 
i stopped momentarily to look up into the branches,
half expecting to see the deceased owner of the voice sitting there...
that's who was “already with him” 

Tree had simply played messenger. 

©2010, 2018
all rights reserved 

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 make no mistake:
the silence of the Green Kingdom  
is an illusion 
original image
                      enhanced image

to see howTree music is accessed
with just a slice of tree trunk 
and specially modified record player