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Lithotherapy is the fancy word for an ancient healing tool: rocks
and much like Flower Medicine,  Rock Medicine is also an energetic therapy --
gemstones can be thought of as flowers' big brothers for processing emotions ... 
they are the 'big guns' --

Not many realize that original purpose of jewelry was to heal 
by means of the various electrical wavelengths in minerals (gemstones) -
This Yale paper discusses this gemstone electrical conductivity -
it is this energy which affects/influences/reacts to the energy of your body -
that same energy was recently harnessed to power a unicycle,
according to this article by Britain's conservative Daily Mail 

Gemstone energy can also be accessed and delivered through elixirs ...
off-site information about elixirs can be found here -
to shop gemstone elixirs, contact NHT

finally, for more information on lithotherapy, click here -
it's in French so when page opens, right click and choose 'translate' -
link is to a french wiki- page on Lithotherapy ... 
i offer wiki- not as a definitive source but as an acceptable overall view, 
and this French page is very thorough ...  

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