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 The Magic Brownie Recipe
...and no, it's not what you think ;)

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So who’s not trying to lose weight, right?
My own 
never-ending weight-watching vigilance recently and quite by accident,
created a new recipe: a dieter's magic brownie (and no, it’s not what you’re thinking)…

First let me explain its magic …  
few realize this, but weight watchers are empowered when they realize
that the body's hunger impulse is driven directly by the body’s need of protein
read that last sentence again  ... so why does it help to know this? 
Because when you’re hungry, especially when your brain’s screaming for sugar, 
if you reach for protein, the hunger demon will be consistently placated …

i know firsthand this works because i lost 40+ pounds of baby weight,
and have kept it off for years, by practicing this protein rule:
when i feel hungry, i eat protein ... it's that simple.

The challenge arises because in real life the taste for dessert doesn’t go away –
and neither should it as a decadent dessert is one of life’s necessary luxuries …
so we should enjoy, but how to do that without wreaking havoc in the body's sugar levels?

Enter "NHT's Magic Brownie" - it lets you enjoy without punishment –
in fact, this sweet tooth delight seriously supports any weight loss cause …

That's because NHT's brownie has only 190 calories 
and is as wickedly,
deliciously satisfying as any 500 calorie brownie might be … 
it's also a substantial size serving -
 think: diameter of an english muffin but nearly half again as high
the difference is these 190 calories in a "Magic Brownie" deliver 28 grams of protein,
 a good hamburger) while its 500 calorie counterpart provides zip-zero-nada for protein,
and in fact effectively serves massive chaos to your sugar levels ...

“Magic Brownie” doesn't mess with the body's sugar levels because it has so little sweetener.
it has no fat because applesauce provides the moisture (and additional sweetness) -
these two attributes make it 
is some serious ammunition against poor decisions
like polishing off half a bag of oreos (zero protein) because it seemed like a good idea ... 
The best part of all about "NHT's Magic Brownie"?
it has junk food (
i.e.: fast food) convenience - only  5 minutes from mixing to eating … for real 

This recipe is adapted to something i’ve recently discovered: 
single serving mug cakes -
i have fallen in love with the ability to have that brownie without having to contend
with leftover brownie calling to be eaten until gone  *sigh* …

...and just for the record obviously what happens in the body
after eating a "magic brownie" isn't magical at all,
but rather it's quite scientific, the protein content staving off hunger, 
as well as psychological, the decadent factor satiating the sugar demon-

Protein and hunger are the two most important influences in weight loss games
but power can be had to realize that in fact they are the same influence
but from different angles, the same demon in different disguises.

bottom line: it's all about the protein - 
i know my protein needs are met when i can go 4 hours between 3 meals -
(in my experience it's not about having smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day -
it's about making sure to get enough protein with each meal ... )

The truth is after eating a "Magic Brownie" often hours pass before i'm hungry again -
on occasion i’ve even unwittingly skipped meals having lost track of time,
catching up with myself hours later without having consumed a single additional calorie ...
and y'know what?  it feels good -

okay, so without further ado here’s the recipe …


1 scoop of protein powder
             -- i use body fortress brand whey isolate protein – read the labels as some
                 protein powders are high in cholesterol while others are not

1 Tablespoon flour of choice 
           -- i use a gluten-free AP flour and add ¼ tsp Xanthum gum, a typical move for gluten-free bakers
                   as it mimics the binding quality of gluten

Tablespoons granulated sweetener of choice  -- i use 2 packets of raw stevia -- adjust per taste
½ teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon  salt
1-2 Tablespoons baker’s cocoa (adjust to taste)
1-2 Tablespoon applesauce 
              --not levelled but rounded - adjust as follows: if too dry for brownie, then increase by
                    scant teaspoons --
 if too dry for volcano cake, increase by 1/2 tablespoons

Tablespoons milk of choice   -- i use almond milk, although i have used apple cider 

1.  Grease a ramekin, small cereal bowl, or deep mug and set aside
2.  In a small mixing bowl combine the dry ingredients and mix well
--some people mix right in the mug/ramekin/cereal bowl
3.  Add applesauce and milk and mix until fully incorporated.
4.  Pour batter into prepped ramekin/mug/cereal bowl and microwave for 1-2 mins -
                 --Cook for 45 seconds - 1 min and then check it –
it's not done as  desired, cook by 10-20 second increments until desired result is achieved.
                      --A general rule of thumb is that less cooking time produces more of a volcano cake -
                      while more cooking time makes a brownie
                    -- Also keep in mind that it will set somewhat as it cools
                    -- note: cooking times can vary due to atmospheric conditions or between different microwaves --

nutritional fact calculations based
on stats of each ingredient 

This recipe easily lends itself to all sorts of variations limited only by your imagination -
some of my favourites:
1.  Add 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves for a german chocolate imitation
             (toss in some coconut, a single caramel and a tsp of crushed nuts to make it 'authentic')
2.  Add 1 teaspoon instant coffee for a mocha flavour; 
3.  Add 1 Tablespoon nuts, dried fruits, baking chips as desired … 
4.  Serve as is, or with ice cream or whipped cream  esp. good with the volcano cake version
5.  Spread with tablespoon of your favourite marmalade or jam, top with whipped cream  

please note: these variations are not included in the nutritional info …

                            all right reserved                      

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