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the Dreamtime.
a shaman's workplace

anyone familiar with me knows 
that i do my medicine work in a place i learned of as the Dreamtime --
some academics studying shamanism call this place "non-ordinary reality" or NOR,
as opposed to "ordinary reality" or OR --

access to this place is culturally informed and can be quite detailed and complicated, 
so that while this one might jump into water and swim  through to the other side,
another keeps it simple and wanders off to a special place -
shamanic drumming provides the transportation for some,
while others access the Dreamtime without drumming

And actually the method of access is not as important 
as is to understand 
that the Dreamtime,  or NOR, or 'trance,'
are all terms for the same place, a place to which we all have access -
but because our perception of this place is culturally informed, 
each acquisition practice looks different from the other -
but that's just an illusion because the only true difference 
in the experience is that we all come in  through different doors ... that's all --

'ever hear the story of the elephant and the blind men? 
same story here only replace the elephant with the Dreamtime

so then where is this place called the Dreamtime?  
well, it is that place between sleeping and waking,  
the access to which we all pass by twice a day -
we’re most ‘conscious’ of this place when we are first waking from sleep or, as we’re falling asleep, 
when our last conscious thoughts pass through this place --

thing is, some of us have learned to linger
(see note, below, about how to do that)

this space between sleep and awake is a ‘portal’ of sorts –
we all instinctively know about this portal …  it’s actually an emergency route home 
which we access quite naturally when we are most in need –
trauma, exhaustion, illness, shock, etc.

it's not a mystical place -
sleep scientists know this place by its theta brain waves –
walkers like me  learn to hover at those theta waves 
so that conscious entrance into the Dreamtime becomes second nature 

 as a Dreamtime worker, while most are sleeping, 
i am in another 'place' -

how do i know this?

well, for one thing when Dreamtime work requires physical exertion,
i wake up achy and sore, at first not knowing why, 
but then movement throughout the next day will jog recall of the previous night’s activities - 

and yes, to the naysayers, there's a very big difference 
between the Dreamtime and normal sleeping/dreaming

basically, some component of Dreamtime activities  manifests in daily life …
read that last line again because it describes
 the commonality
which runs through
  global demographics of shamanism, and it is not culturally informed ...
whether it’s knowledge brought back to heal, or physical evidence of a Dreamtime experience, 
something from the Dreamtime manifests in ordinary reality -

i'll use myself as an example:
when i’d been bitten by a deadly poisonous brown recluse,
at the ER i was honestly told that
they had no antidote,
that the only course of treatment was antibiotics,
even though they knew antibiotics wouldn't work -
it was all they had, i was told -
a couple years before i had lost a friend to a brown recluse bite so i knew firsthand of their deadliness -

with little help from mainstream medicine, 
i took my dilemma into the Dreamtime,
and was administered medicine by Grandmother Spider 
with a single bite to each eyelid -
and guess what?
 next morning each eyelid sported a single, centered bite …
curiously brown recluse bites are infamously necrotic,
but after self-treating according to Dreamtime instructions, 
today i have no scar anywhere from the ordeal  ...

here’s another  example of manifestation into ordinary reality  
i did Dreamtime work for a client who had commissioned gifts
for mother and daughter Wampanoags
who were grieving the loss of their 20-something son/brother - 
mum really struggled, seeking peace at seances and with spiritualists
and for her my friend had chosen an aromatherapy necklace/diffuser

 for the record, i had no astrological data for this transaction

as i packaged up the gifts for shipment, 
on impulse i tucked an amethyst nugget inside the diffuser – 
intellect reasoned, amethyst is a powerful healing stone,
but i'd find out later something else was going on...

i had no recall of a Dreamtime exchange between son and me 
until after the order was picked up, 
when bits and pieces of the dream began to come through to me.
Later when my client stopped by, i told her
that i thought the gemstone was from the woman’s son –

my suspicions were confirmed when the client reported 
that the amethyst turned out to be sister's birth stone - 
a much comforting sign to mum

now certainly, the amethyst birthstone, like the spider bite, 
could be ‘coincidence’ and the ‘memories’ fabricated –  
i will grant that to all the naysayers …

but not without adding this: 
experience speaks otherwise to me  
because this kind of thing happens a lot  
in my world

                                                               ©2015, 2017, 2018 

a helpful tip for dream journal keepers … 
when you are waking up and find yourself in that pre-movement place described above, consciously remain still even as you are waking – it is in this stillness that you will most easily recall your dreams – pre-movement allows all dreams to remain crystal clear in memory – this is because until you move, most of ‘you’ is still in the Dreamtime where your ‘dreams’ are - once you move, the shift back into the body is almost instantaneous