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 The Origins of

The idea came to me fittingly enough in the Dreamtime
the messenger being a childhood mineral friend, sparkling Mica, 
who’d adorned many of my lovely, springtime mudpies

i was told these bracelets are to be worn while sleeping, 
to facilitate Dreamtime work which is why Mica is featured in all the bracelets.

Melody in Love is in the Earth writes that
Mica can "help one to look at a situation in complete detail ... 
to facilitate clarity in visions and mysticism,
... that [i]t also aligns the energy centers of the body
and releases energy blockages from stagnant locations 

additionally Mica enhances energies with whatever gemstone it is paired,
the gemstone being chosen according to the task of its energies ... 

what is your intention? and do you seek to send or to receive energy? 
Since energy is received through the left hand and sent out through the right hand, 
your intention determines the wrist on which to wear your bracelet ...

each Dreaming Bracelet comes with its own pouch and individually handcrafted,  informational booklet tucked inside a handcrafted pillow gift box
if you are looking for a specific gemstone for your Dreaming Bracelet,
or if would like to explore but don't know where to begin,
do contact me - i love the chance to share what i know and maybe earn your purchase

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  *gemstone healing is an ancient technique called Lithotherapy ...
  for more information on Lithotherapy and to read a Yale paper explaining same, click here