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b complex food sources

the mental health role of vitamin B complex

Among other things, B-complex is a mind-vitamin.
Its effects contribute profoundly to our sense of well-being.
Here is a causal although by no means definitive guideline
to assess deficiency symptoms

Paraphrasing and quoting this edition of The Complete Book of Vitamins (Rodale) 
 “R. Glen Green, M.D. … recommended that physicians ask
[the patient specific] questions … 
regarding, not physical,
but perceptual changes involving the five senses.” 
Although not definitive by any means,
the questions below
1 are suggested by Dr. Green
 as a good starting place for nutritional insight
that leads to an interesting connection between B complex and mental health 
When a patient experiences some or all of these things – even sometimes – 
then Dr. Green administers another test which reveals perceptual difficulties
in sight, hearing, taste, smell and attitudes.” 
This second test, the Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic (HOD),
is initially intended 
as a psychiatric means to diagnose schizophrenia – 
but “Dr. Green …adapted it to his medical practice and discovered
that the test also indicated vitamin B-complex deficiency.”

Now certainly i'm not suggesting that B-complex can cure schizophrenia. 
Further, a person can be deficient in B-complex and not be schizophrenic.

But what is significant is that a simple vitamin was linked 
by clinical research to a mental illness as intense as schizophrenia. 
As for myself, we Lost Ones often suffer PTSD with black hole depression
and i am no different -
discovering that research was enough for me to try B complex.
and the very unexpected results i experienced
drives my need to get the message out ...
the truth is, 
like me, you may not need an anti-depressant at all -
you may just need B complex

1 Dr. Greene's suggested questions:
  - Does your face seem to change when you look in a mirror? 
  - Do words move when you try to read? 
  - Does the ground move when you walk?
  - Do you feel you walk on the ground or off the ground? 
  - Do pictures move when you look at them?
      [not that the pictures fly around, but that the image 
      in the photo doesn’t actually seem to be still] 
  - Do you hear someone calling your name when you are alone?

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ref: The Complete Book of Vitamins (Rodale)

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