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Everyone’s familiar with the old adage of history repeating itself because no-one listened the first time ...
although it is an amusing play on words, 
there are more layers of truth to that statement than one might perceive,
which are revealed when the adage is viewed through the lens of reincarnation …
yes, that great ancient belief of ridiculousness is a treasure trove of clarification for modern day …
(oh, how little we know, brethren!)

Did you know that metemphyschosis is just another word for reincarnation?
And did you know for instance that the Bible in fact clearly teaches reincarnation?
The most common of these teachings is from Jesus himself, in Matt11:11, 14-15
when he refers to the Isaiah prophecy of Elijah's return to signal the messiah’s arrival:
Verily I say unto you,
Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist … 
And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come. 
He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

 in Matt11:11, 14-15, Jesus clearly defines the relationship
between Elijah (l.) and John the Baptist (r.) 

Jesus commands language well so there's no secret to what he's saying -
in fact what he's saying is so important that most bibles print those words in red
marking them as the actual words of Jesus

And yet the intention behind Jesus' words is intellectualized
and his teaching of reincarnation then summarily dismissed by mainstream …
because of politics and its impact on public thinking/belief

Based in antiquity and known by us from the beginning (how could it be any other way?)
reincarnation has never been a new concept -
rather, by being conditioned to the accepted social norms, we forgot -
and the more lives we've lived, the deeper the memories are buried ...

Neither was reincarnation a new or radical concept to the early Christian fathers;
Origen, for example, specifically taught reincarnation -
In fact, for the Jews at the time of Jesus, reincarnation was a given --

How else to explain this biblical passage where the disciples question Jesus
about why a man born blind was being punished ... 
they asked, who did sin, this man, or his parents? john 9:1-3 
logic alone dictates that if the man had been born blind,
then how could he have sinned in this life? 
Moreover if reincarnation were a no-no,
then Jesus blew an incredible opportunity to set his compatriots straight on the matter -
Instead Jesus replies 
Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents:
but that the works of God should be made manifest in him john 9:3
– whereupon Jesus proceeds to cure the man’s blindness –

Jesus and the Blind Man in John 9:1-3

It is at this point that the knowing reincarnationist sees the likelihood
that, in the bardo (the 'life between life' in Tibetan Buddhism) 
the man and Jesus had mutually arranged this meeting
 to provide opportunity ‘that the works of God should be made manifest”  --
a reincarnationist believes free will implies that we alone create the lives we live
and that we can volunteer to serve or to destroy – 
to a reincarnationist's point of view the blind man wanted to serve/help Jesus with his mission
by offering to be born blind in order to participate in manifesting the ‘works of God’

In Hindu scripture 5000-7000 years old
we are told that a burning to ‘glorify God’ drives all living beings – 
humans, plants, animals, the planets: all life - 
and that dedicated to this goal, benevolent souls will, in the bardo plan for incarnations 
that allow them to offer suffering up against the debt of all…
for an example of these souls, look to the suffering children all over the world
whose population seems to grow proportionately to the greed which poisons this planet … 
these are the souls for whom is asked “why does god let bad things happen to good people?”
on the mistaken belief that these souls are God’s victims -
indeed, nay, these are God’s saints …
these come out of the same intentions as Thích Quảng Đức, 
the Buddhist monk who self-immolated in protest of the escalating Viet Nam war …
these souls come out of love, like the man born blind in the bible

So how did reincarnation get so lost from the mind of western man?
politics, mostly …
there’s more money to be made if people believe they live only once …
it was an easy take-down -

historically the ultimate death knell for Christian reincarnation  boiled down 
to a personality conflict between an emperor and a pope -
further, few know that the anathemas set against reincarnation were ‘signed into authority’ 
by one with no power to do so …

in truth and historically there has never, ever been a papal edict against the teachings of reincarnation – 
and yet how tabu the idea is to Christians who were robbed of their rightful, spiritual heritage …
here’s how this great campaign of social subterfuge went down and undermined the Christian movement

in 545AD Byzantine emperor Justinian, as in the Justinian Plague, had it in for Pope Vigilius in Rome-- 
so Justinian had the pope kidnapped and with the pope imprisoned,
the emperor then convened an unofficial session of the Fifth Ecumenical council -
it was during this time, with the Pope imprisoned, 
and Rome too far away for the Pope's bishops to reach Constantinople in time …
that Justinian held this unofficial session and with utter disregard for the teachings of Origen, a church father, 
put forth the "anathemas [curses] against pre-existence"
which were then ratified by the only bishops present: his own! …

in one fell swoop of a corrupt politician, these very crucial spiritual teachings which Origen and the other early fathers considered important enough to maintain were, in modern lingo, T-boned by a mere politician … 
and the true teachings of Christianity forever subverted.

proving: there’s one constancy throughout history: money and politics talk …

make no mistake: it was  Justinian’s illegal anathemas which have brought us to today’s ugliness
because here we are, folks, 1500 years later looking at eerily similar headlines 
that carry the same self-serving greed as would’ve been during Justinian’s time -
for those seeking juicy corruption stories check into Justinian and his Empress Theodor – 
their relationship is eerily prescient to the likes of recent White House residents 

Justinian and Theodora

the bottom line is this:
humankind is doomed to repeat history partly because we just aren’t listening, 
and partly because we’ve only been getting one half of the story  …

perhaps it’s time to seriously consider the whole story …


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note: while the two concepts (christianity and reincarnation) may seem mutually exclusive, they aren't - 
 the scholarly work Reincarnation in World Thought is an excellent resource 

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