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                                 Dimensional Shifts x 2 - 
blindfolded woman walking off edge into giant hand
here's a story that sounds totally ‘out there’ - 
but read it and see if you can explain what’s going on without invoking the concept of 'coincidence' -  
(remember, in a shaman's world, there is no such thing as 'coincidence')

late friday evening the ongoing family nightmare erupted into the chaotic trauma 
that accompanies being awakened by a near-midnight phone call – 

it was the probation office looking for my godson.
i am told that something’s wrong with his ‘bracelet’  -
(that's how they refer to that damned GPS ankle shackle he’s been wearing for 8 mos, 
it's a 3” wide hard plastic band attached to a 3”x3” GPS box device – hardly a ‘bracelet - )
and i was being asked to see if i could get in touch with my godson …

in my head i could ‘see’ him at home asleep  (which, it turns out, is exactly where he was), 
but 20 frantic phone calls and a number of texts later, i still couldn’t reach him --
(later his phone was discovered in his pants pocket which were downstairs in the wash)  
But at the time all i knew was that the cops were going to storm his house, again, 
i was desperate to warn him ...
(for those who've never experienced being swarmed by cops, it’s heartstoppingly frightening, 
and he’s been traumatized enough by all that … we all have)
nearly a very tense hour passed after the probation call came in 
before my godson finally answered his phone, but i was too late; 
i could tell by his voice that the cops were there,
that he'd already been re-traumatized - 

in short, his bracelet had stopped working, so in the wee morning hours, 
this wrongly accused man who could fill a courtroom with volunteer character witnesses, 
was put on ‘house arrest’ so they could do phone checks all night 
to make sure he didn’t break probation -  
this meant he had to relocate to my house where there was the required land line - 

the alternative was to spend his second night in jail  …

so it was after being roused from bed in the middle of the freakin’ night, 
that he packed up and  drove to my  house 20 mins away -
needless to say, nobody got much sleep Friday night  … 

from when the probation office call first came in, my shaman sense had been triggered,
and as the sleepless wee morning hours wore on (preferred worktime for this shaman, btw),
i could ‘see’ energy being shifted with regards to the overall situation -
i also kept hearing the words, blessing in disguise which i repeated to the others,
not believing it myself and laughing self-derisively to acknowledge its unbelievability 
as we sat stuck in the muck of that present moment … 
‘house arrest’ was so far outside any of our experiences …
talk about juxtaposition to the rest of our lives -
‘blessing in disguise’ indeed

thus in constant communication with probation now,
after the sun rose, we were told that house arrest would continue until 2pm -
that's when my godson would need to get his ass to some official someplace an hour away
so probation techs could take a look and see why his shackle wasn’t working properly …

it should be noted here that both he and i are scorpio ascendants -
and that when the going gets tough scorpio tends to retreat to regroup and recharge,
instinctively recognizing that the deepest power comes from the Dreamtime-
and that’s exactly what we each did -
he retreated to the third floor for prayer and meditation,
even though if someone not in the know were to ‘happen in’ on him, 
they’d think otherwise as he looks like he’s sleeping - 

while i retreated to my office to do my own voodoo dance …
that’s when i was ‘shown’ that the energy shift i’d ‘seen’ earlier that morning
had been in fact not just an energy shift, but a complete jump into another dimension -

curiously this wasn't new territory for me - 
i’d experienced a dimension shift before, during the meningitis/brain surgery saga -
at that time the phenomenon had been pointed out to me in hindsight
after it was all over - it started with a very bad winter flu-wise etc, 
and about 8 weeks before the whole medical journey even began,
i’d gotten sick with a bout of aggressive walking pneumonia,
to which my present medical history shows i am prone 
(i believe this predilection is due to a previous death from consumption).

As it happened this particular bout was fully documented because i'd needed antibiotics
and because i was usually just bringing in one kid or another to see the doctor,
rarely seeing him for myself, i took a lot of good-natured kidding from the office staff …

Then a month into spring the godson’s meningitis collapse/brain surgery happened,
with that drama lasting until summer and not fully completed until labour day weekend
in early fall i again contracted walking pneumonia and needed antibiotics -

this time a much different scenario played out when i'd arrived for my appointment …
the office manager, usually professional, poised, competent, 
was this time humble, apologetic, and somewhat panicked as she told me, 
they ‘couldn’t find’ my medical records –
losing medical records is a huge faux pas in her job and highly to be avoided -
she explained that she’d had the staff look everywhere, in the basement archives, 
even asking the other doctors in the same building to check their files … 
and she grew fidgety and most uncomfortable when she said to me, 
“i know you were just here a few months ago with walking pneumonia, 
so it makes no sense whatsoever.”  

another person might have reacted indignantly at such a breach of efficiency …
not me – all i remember thinking is: ‘holy crap, we really did shift dimensions’ -

i could 'see' the mechanics of how in the new dimension my medical records weren’t lost, 
so much as they didn’t even exist in that new dimension … 
in which perhaps i hadn’t been sick earlier in the year?
or maybe because i had seen a completely different doctor?
the possibility of explanations is endless, if even somewhat irrelevant -
all i knew at the time was that we’d shifted dimensions 
from the one in which medical prognosis for my godson was fulfilled and he died,
to one in which against all odds he survived unscathed and vibrant …
to a shaman's heart, ‘lost’ medical records definitely validate what had happened

…which is why as my godson meditated on the third floor, 
revisiting the energy shift, the disguised blessing from earlier in the morning,
that i seriously began to wonder if i were experiencing the same kind 
of dimension-shift phenomenon again, this time with eyes wide open going into it?

A while later as my godson and i shared a cuppa in the sunroom,
i decided (maybe i was ‘nudged’) to tell him what i had begun to suspect …
i told him i’d been ‘shown’ that with this whole shackle breakdown thing,
that there had been an energy shift, and that in fact we’d shifted dimensions again.
for context i only had to briefly remind him of the lost medical records incident …
we’d had a good laugh over it at the time, and because it became part of the family lore,
the lost medical records incident wasn’t a moot point to him
but very much had its own front and center in his medical saga -

what happened next challenges reason ...

at day's end when my godson finally returned from his bracelet-fixing travels,
as soon as he entered the house i noticed his energies had changed …

“So … ‘you ready to hear  what happened?" he asked, clearly excited to tell the story. 

I sensed from the glint in his eye that another installment was about to be added to the family history.  "Do tell,” i replied …

“Apparently,” he started, “exactly at 10:59 last night all my records were deleted from their system.”  

He paused for effect and then laughed as it took me nearly a full minute to even begin to comprehend what he was telling me …and even then all i could say was, “What?”

“Yep,” said he, smiling broadly “the court officer said that in all his years of doing this work, he’d never seen such a thing happen … ever!”

it was at this point i finally grasped the entirety of what he was saying --
i was hearing the lost medical records story all over again
and the ‘blessing in disguise’ at which i’d earlier balked
was revealing itself as validation …
we had indeed  shifted dimensions … again,
this time to a dimension in which, like my  medical records, 
the GPS bracelet had not existed, which is why it stopped working,
and why his records appeared to be ‘deleted’ … 

in the new dimension there was no counterpart for the GPS bracelet …
in fact not until it was reactivated in the new dimension did it even exist -
oh, and i’m guessing the shift took place exactly at 10:59

Now, not to be undone, just as any shaman must be to be effective, i am a realist,
and i know very well that my godson still wears that damnable shackle
so i know that i don’t know what lies ahead for us in all this …
but if thought creates reality,  rather than to focus on the negative, 
then i choose to take refuge in the positive - and i’m thinking that for both of us
that damned shackle has become much less intrusive both physically and spiritually because, though he still wears it, a unique liberation emanates from it now,
as it stands a reminder of not one, but two, dimension shifts …

the next day, i awoke with these joyful words on my lips: we shifted dimensions!
because i rarely wake joyfully (transition from NOR to OR has been difficult all my life),
the instant unprovoked recall was such cool water to a very parched soul 
that before long those words morphed into a new mantra that danced in my head all day:

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