Nay_ho_tze's Medicine Musings

Healing the Healers -
Lightworkers, Empaths, Indigos, et al --

You already know that you are who you are
because you know your energies have shifted 
and you have become more mercurial ...

But did you know that your newly refined energies
are now more accepting of healing modalities
typically scoffed at by conventional medicine?

Lightworkers and empaths do especially well
for instance with healers like flowers and trees
(British healthcare supports flower medicine)
and, with gemstones (the French have long employed lithotherapy,) 

and, gasp! with individual nutrition protocols -
(largely ignored not because there's no healing in nutrition, but because there’s no money in nutrition)

The truth is that through the big shift,
your body has changed, becoming more receptive
to the benefits of subtle healing therapies 

These are just a few issues addressed 
by the alternative therapies i offer ...
--is there dis-ease (not illness, yet, but discomfort)
somewhere in the body? 
The body can 'hide' emotions we don't want to face, 
and hidden emotions can cause many issues 
for the body -
for instance, lung difficulties are often related 
to unprocessed grief or sadness –
anger and frustration are held in the liver –
the small intestine stores the negative energy 
from feeling lost in life 
while stomach issues often point to repressed despair
-from Professional Complementary Health Formulas 

lightworkers and empaths


unmanaged emotions can arise elsewhere 

for example
--do you have a distractingly
‘chattering mind’?
--are you often distressed and anxious 
but don’t know why?
--are you troubled
by persistent or unwanted thoughts?
--do you shy away from trying new things?

Did you answer 'yes' to any of these?
then it's likely you might benefit
these gentler, less invasive, chemical-free alternative therapies

available at NHT's MEDICINARY

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